Alex Rodriguez Found Guilty of Using Steroids!

Joe OneillCorrespondent IIFebruary 7, 2009

Alex Rodriguez was named by four separate sources of using anabolic steroids in an independent Major League Baseball investigation in 2003. 

Maybe we should call him 'A-Roid' and not 'A-Rod'.

Rodriguez refused to answer any questions following the findings and simply told reporters to 'talk to the Union.'

As a Seattle Mariners fan, I'm not that surprised by the findings. A-Roid has shown a history of narcissistic and egotistical behavior that might suggest the use of steroids to boost performance. 

While at Seattle, he constantly jousted with Ken Griffey Jr. for attention. Griffey Jr. was the darling of Seattle and A-Roid couldn't stand it. When Griffey was finally traded, Rodriguez guaranteed to Mariner management that he was there to stay.

They could have traded him during the 1999 season and, in return, received two or three A-list prospects. They decided to keep him based on his word he would re-sign with Seattle.

Instead, he signed with Texas for the richest contract in history. A reported 10-year, $275 deal that, to this day, is still the most generous contract of any MLB player. He completely stabbed the Mariner management, fans, and players in the back.

When Texas couldn't compete because their entire payroll was tied up in A-Roid, he whined and whined until they traded him to the Yankees prior to the 2004 season. 

In New York, he's put up spectacular numbers while isolating himself from players and management alike. Joe Torre ripped A-Roid in his latest book. It's been long rumored that he and Derek Jeter aren't simpatico. The Yankees haven't won anything with Rodriguez in the line-up.

I won't even get into his alleged affair with Madonna that ended both their marriages. 

A-Rod has always been a 'me first' guy with an ego the size of Manhattan. 

The only question is 'how will the public respond?' 

Will they crucify him the way they did Barry Bonds? Will he get some razzing and then left alone? 

A-Roid doesn't quite have the A-Hole reputation of Bonds. Bonds biggest crime, I believe, wasn't that he was found guilty of using steroids, it was that he's a complete jerk. 

The Yankees signed Rodriguez to a reported 10 year, $300 million contract with several incentive clauses when he breaks the HR records of Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and Bonds. How about that incentive clause now?

If Michael Phelps received a three-month suspension and lost a major sponsor for taking a bong hit, what's the penalty for A-Roid? 

Will MLB continue to be spineless and 'look the other way' or will they actually show some backbone and make an example of Rodriguez?

Don't hold your breath.