Can Baseball Survive Without a Salary Cap?

Ray JagCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

First off, I am not a writer, I just have an opinion and will seek to open a discussion on whether a salary cap is needed in baseball.

We have just ended a great year here in Pittsburgh.  Yes we are Superbowl champions once again.  Problem is, the way the Pens have been playing and the upcoming baseball season, I don't think we have much too look forward to here in Pittsburgh.

This leads me to my article.  Can a small market city such as Pittsburgh with a measly $48 million salary compete with the $400 million that the Yankees are paying? 

We have just witnessed parity in the Superbowl where two small markets, Pittsburgh and Arizona, competed in a championship that also has teams in big markets like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I have heard the argument that the players union in major league baseball is too strong to allow a salary cap.  Will that eventually be their downfall?  Will the fan base soon become discontent seeing the Yankees and Red Socks buying their way to the World Series?

Personally, my wife and I would rather go down to Washington, Pennsylvania and watch the Wild Things play, then go and watch a Pirate game.  Not because I don't like baseball, love it, played it for years.  Just don't like what the current owners and front office is doing there.

Example, several years ago during the preseason they interviewed the owner and his comment was that they were shooting for a .500 season.  Can you imagine taking your son or daughter to a coach that says the same thing?  I know this is not politically correct but deep down inside, even if we don't admit it, we want our children's coach to teach them to be winners.

Here we have a professional saying that they would be happy at  mediocrity!

Does that come from the fact that they know the Pirate's market cannot compete with Boston's or New York's so why even try?

I am up for any suggestions here.  Players don't want a salary cap because that keeps them from making 25 million a year, but is that going to eventually harm the sport that is as American as Hot dogs and apple pie?  Our unemployment rate is now up in the 7% nationally.  How long will the blue collars out there pay $100 to go see overpaid athletes who don't give everything if they think they deserve 25 million and are only making 20 million?

I would hate to see the sport I grew up playing hurt.