The Fall and Rise of WWE Since 2005!

George ButcherCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Since the year 2005, many have thought the WWE was slipping away in ratings and simply weren't as good any more.

Up until WrestleMania 21 in Hollywood, WWE was on a role, and that could well be said as the best WrestleMania in history. WWE was so imaginative and knew exactly what the fans wanted.

The WWE were smart with the match-ups they made for that WrestleMania and created a new age by making Batista and John Cena the top two superstars as champions.

After the 2005 Draft lottery, that's when it all changed for the worse, and the creative team made a bunch of bad decisions.

First, drafting The Animal Batista over to Smackdown where his career went downhill for the next few years. He was still the champion for a few months, and then he was injured and had to vacate the title.

From that moment on, Smackdown was terrible. They made Edge, Khali and The Undertaker the champion throughout, and clearly it was a mistake.

Undertaker is too old to be champion now, and people like Edge and Khali aren't exactly fan favourites.

Next, awful news came in that in November 2005 the legendary Eddie Guerrero passed away in his sleep. That was clearly a downer for WWE because Eddie fit the pieces together.

Since his death I believe they were confused with what to do and who to make champion. Although Mysterio as champion was the utter best thing for the company, they didn't use that momentum with the fans to the best of their ability. He wasn't champion for long at all, and he never became champion again since.

WrestleMania 22 was one of the worst; the matches were terrible and the build up was ridiculous. Batista missed the event and the obvious match-up between Triple H and John Cena was the best of the evening. Other than that, it was where WWE went wrong.

2006 was simply a false year and i would rather it had never happened. John Cena was the top dog in WWE and yet they made him lose the title to both Edge and RVD before winning it back again.

The year on Raw might as well just not been televised because everyone was becoming out of shape and chubby, and title changes were obvious still. Smackdown was practically the same, and the show's ratings were both falling drastically.

WrestleMania 23 was better, but again the matches were individually obvious. In fact the only surprise of the night was Mr. Kennedy winning the Money in the Bank ladder match. But it was an overall okay night of wrestling.

WWE was completely right in having Michaels face Cena for the gold. That will go down in history in at least the top five best matches of WrestleMania history. Then WWE started to get back on track.

For the majority of the first half of 2007, WWE Smackdown went about the same way again as before. The ratings stayed the same and yet fans seemed to love the show. The World heavyweight title was owned by Edge throughout, mostly thanks to Vickie Guerrero.

Again, this was a mistake because the fans HATE her. The second half of that year however, was a lot more interesting as John Cena got injured and had to vacate the title. Now that is where WWE picked up completely.

By that I mean, The Age of Orton began. He was the best and most exilerating champion in many years. He clearly showed why he was a deserving champion, and why he dominated the WWE business.

Now here's where the good stuff starts, and WWE became awesome again. The shocking return of John Cena as the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble was mind blowing. Nobody saw it coming, and it was just the boost WWE needed.

WrestleMania 24. It was a great night of Wrestling, and the fans were so interested in what they saw. The biggest surprise of the night of course, came when Randy Orton kept his WWE title again Triple H and John Cena.

Then the main event was really good too, when Undertaker kept his WrestleMania streak intact when defeating Edge for the World title.

2008 PPVs were absolutely brilliant with championships changing hands, and Triple H finally winning the title as the fans wanted. Every match of every event was more exciting than anything seen in 2006 or 2007.

The fans became glued to the television, and the WWE were officially on track again. At One Night Stand, Orton got injured and that meant Triple H and others could now take control.

The 2008 Draft Lottery was really good, as it saw many big stars change shows, and again the titles changed shows for the better. And of course, Batista was home on Raw, which meant he and Cena could finally be on the same show.

At SummerSlam 2008, the two faced off for the first time ever in history, and it was the best match seen by either for the past few years. Unfortunately, however, Cena was caught with a Batista Bomb in midair after jumping off the turnbuckle, and it caused the disks in his neck to explode and he would be out indefinitely.

He finally came back at Survivor Series 2008, and he beat Chris Jericho for the World heavyweight championship. Orton also returned near that date, and he would from their on be the best superstar in WWE.

He got into shape big time, and looked better than ever with a six-pack and everything. Clearly he's doing something right, because they made him the 2009 Royal Rumble winner.

And from what I have heard, Batista will miss WrestleMania 25, Christian returns to interact in the Hardy rivalry, and Orton will not be fighting for the World title at WM.... but the Rattlesnake, Steve Austin. And somehow, Y2J vs Cena.