WWE News: Update on Former TNA Star Alex Shelley Possibly Heading to WWE

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterJune 4, 2012

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Alex Shelley had finished up with TNA Impact Wrestling. The story notes that it was his decision to leave the company and he did not re-sign a new contract.

Since then, Booby Roode has stated he was "sad" to see Shelley leave. Even Dixie Carter has commented on the recent departure.

Of course, the next question is what does Shelley do now. The man is fairly young, has a decent fan base, and is clearly the more charismatic of the Motor City Machine Guns (his tag team in TNA).

According to recent stories, there is interest from WWE. He is currently talking "through a friend" in the company and not directly with WWE.

The final point of discussion seems to be that Shelley is concerned about heading to Florida Championship Wrestling, as he feels he is ready for the main roster.

My Thoughts on This News

There is a lot of information to get through here.

First, Alex Shelley's profile is gone from the TNA roster page. Even if you doubt all the rumors, that seems to be a pretty strong indication he is done.

Also, his big return with Chris Sabin has clearly been a bust. Outside of that, the team has done nothing for almost two years. Due to injuries and people in charge, the two just haven't done anything for a long time on television.

Thus, it is not surprising to see a young man want out of there. The writing has been on the wall for years now. The X-division stars are down here, while the other stars are up there!

As for WWE being interested in him, it would not shock me.

Everybody knows about this mystery Cruiserweight show that as been talked about for months now. With the WWE Network ready to launch by the end of the year (which is highly doubtful), the company is going to need tons of talent.

Of course, he is smart to talk "through a friend" to avoid breaking any rules. It is interesting to wonder who he is talking with in WWE. Feel free to speculate on that one!

I do have concerns about him wanting to skip FCW. He may have a high opinion of himself, but making certain demands before even signing is a bad idea. That is not a good start.

Ask Sin Cara how important the "WWE style" of wrestling is.

It doesn't matter where you wrestled. It doesn't matter for how long you have wrestled. It doesn't matter how good you think you are. It simply does not matter!

Unless you have been in WWE before, you need to learn their style before going to the main roster.

Shelley is no exception. Even worse, his "high flying" wrestling skills are certainly not the WWE style. If anybody was asked to tone down all the flips, it would be him.

I understand he wants to be paid well for signing with WWE. Spending time in FCW will not top the main roster salaries, but that is all a part of the process. If you work hard there, you will be brought up to Raw or Smackdown in no time.

As for Shelley's tag team partner, Chris Sabin, he is also rumored to be leaving TNA. Nothing is confirmed, but the story notes his contract ends in August and will follow Shelley off Impact.

To her credit, Velvet Sky has denied Sabin leaving on her official Twitter account. Of course, she is also plugging independent bookings for her and Sabin. That makes sense...

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

A wrestler denying something on Twitter means next to nothing these days. I would love to trust Velvet, but I don't. It is just one of the many reasons I do not follow any WWE/TNA talents on Twitter.

All in all, will Shelley (and Sabin) join WWE?

I wish I could tell you. The "size" issue in WWE means nothing anymore. The theory of Vince McMahon only caring about big muscle-headed men is long gone. Some fans need to move on from this notion, as it no longer exists.

Could Alex Shelley become the next Kaval in WWE? Yes.

Could Alex Shelley become the next Evan Bourne in WWE? Yes.

Could Alex Shelley become the next Chris Jericho in WWE? Yes.

You will never know, unless you try. Some fans are probably worried about how he would be "used" in WWE. You know, because TNA has been treating them so well for for the past two years.

Again, you never know unless you attempt to make a name for yourself.

Do you think CM Punk was worried about how he would be used many years ago? Do you think Daniel Bryan was worried about how he would be used? Do you think Dean Ambrose, Antonio, Seth Rollins, and many more are worried how they will be used in WWE?

Of course.

It is a legitimate concern. However, ask Punk and Bryan how "making the jump" has worked out for them. You can only be a "king of the indies" for so long.

If you truly are that good, your talents will be recognized in the biggest wrestling company. Worrying about your "push" just means you are insecure about your talents and scared to test the major leagues.

Alex Shelley is now in the same boat.

He is just one of those talents. The man could do nothing, be a solid talent or actually break out and become a legend in this business.

Only time will tell...

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