The NBA Countdown Part I: A Look At Th Bottom Half of the League

Jeff B.Contributor IFebruary 7, 2009

OK, so this is my first attempt at a sports article here on Bleacher Report, and I thought a good way to get my feet wet would be by counting down the teams of my favorite sport.

Rankings are based solely on who I believe could beat who if a thirty-team playoff started today. So while record does play a factor, it is mainly focused on who the best team equipped to win a championship is. 

Is it gimmicky? Sure. But I'm a sucker for any kind of rankings so let's skip this boring chit-chat and get straight to the breakdown.


30. Sacramento Kings

Awful team. Just awful. No plan, no direction, no identity. It's a pity because this team really has great fans that deserve better. I love Kevin Martin, too; this guy needs to be on a winning team. Someone go give the Maloofs a quick swift kick to the shins.


29. Washington Wizards

Almost seems like a bye year, doesn't it? This team has currently one starter playing; the rest are hurt. The high lottery pick should encourage wizard fans, though. Plus, the returning group next year looks to be a really solid team. 


28. Los Angeles Clippers

A talented team that just can't seem to get out of its own way. I don't think it helps that the coach doesn't seem to give a flying crap.


27. Oklahoma City Thunder

They've been playing some good basketball recently. Plus, Durant is a stud and Westbrook really seems to be developing nicely. They still need a low post scorer, though.


26. Memphis Grizzlies

They are a team in desperate need of a new coach. Between Gay, Mayo, and Gasol, this team has tons of young talent and should really be better than their record indicates. Just very inconsistent.


25. Charlotte Bobcats

This team is very up and down, up and down. Larry Brown has this team headed in a good direction, but losing Wallace was a tough blow.


24. Golden State Warriors

These guys are kind of stuck in the sand it seems. It's obvious Big Bad Baron was way more important to this team than anybody previously thought. Whoops.


23. Toronto Raptors

Speaking of whoops, how's that early firing of Sam Mitchell working out for you Mr. Colangelo? This really sucks for Raptor fans. Not only did that move throw this season away, the fallout may drive Bosh out of Toronto as well.


22. Minnesota Timberwolves

So...Kevin McHale appears to be a good coach. Who knew? He really has this team playing hard and playing well ever since he stepped down out of the office and into the coaching position. He may yet salvage something out in Minny.


21. Indiana Pacers

Danny Granger is by far the most overlooked player in basketball. He makes this otherwise horrendous team competitive night-in and night-out. Hopefully Larry Bird will give this man a running mate soon.


20. Chicago Bulls

Ever since the owner went on a tirade about the season being a failure, the team has actually started playing somewhat up to its potential. The lesson? Even NBA stars need to keep the ole boss happy.


19. New York Knicks

A fun team to watch but, seriously, it's never a good sign when opponents are literally salivating at the thought of playing against your defense. I don't mean to call this team out, but that's not exactly the definition of intimidating.


18. Milwaukee Bucks

Another stale team with no real direction or purpose. I don't see how being mediocre year after year is a good plan. Sure, they may make a playoff appearance, but too bad they won't win a game once there.


17. New Jersey Nets

Devin Harris has been playing great, but is he really a more deserving All-Star than Mo Williams? I say no. On the other hand, it's been surreal watching Vinsanity actually put out effort for a young, building team.


16. Philadelphia 76ers

Strangely enough, Elton Brand going down may not really hurt this team that badly. After all, this team plays its best when running-and-gunning, and Elton isn't the prototype power forward for that style.


OK! That wraps up Part 1 as well as my first article. Tomorrow the real fun begins as we look at the teams who actually have a shot at winning the title.