Golf Shirts Are Not Making Par For Pat Knight and The Texas Tech Red Raiders

Andrew GloverCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Earlier this season Pat Knight stopped wearing the sweater vest because he said, “it wasn’t working.” However, the golf shirts are not exactly working either.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are 1-4 since Knight has started wearing the golf shirts, with their only win against the Colorado Buffaloes, who are the worst in the Big XII. We cannot forget about the Nebraska game when Knight earned his first ejection wearing a golf shirt.

The only upside to the golf shirts is the coaching staff is uniform with all of them wearing the same thing.

What attire options does Knight have to choose from to start winning?

First, Knight could go back to wearing the black sweater vest. The Red Raiders are 12-10 when Knight wears a black sweater vest; they are 2-4 when Knight wears a different color vest. Last season Knight wore gray and red sweater vests along with black.

The upside to the black sweater vest is the Red Raiders have won most of their games under Knight with that attire. Knight also got his first win of his career and against a ranked opponent in Tech’s 84-75 win over Kansas State last season.

The cons to wearing the black sweater vest are first Tech is 2-5 in conference games that Knight has worn the black sweater vest. Secondly, the sweater vest is more popular with high school coaches than college.

Next, Knight could wear his dad’s attire: the black sweater over a red shirt.

The advantage is Bob Knight went 138-82 with the Red Raiders and his attire. Four of Bob Knight’s milestones (800, 880, 900 and 902 wins) were clinched in that attire.

Why Pat Knight should not wear his dad’s attire is Bob Knight was at least 61 when he coached Texas Tech. His son is 38 and does not need to dress like his 65. Let's face it Pat Knight's coaching style is different than his dad's.

Finally, Pat Knight could go with the suit and tie, which is what most college basketball coaches wear.

The advantage all the coaches that are the closest to catching his dad all wear suit and ties. The only con I can think of is he would look just like the other 300 coaches in the NCAA.

To seriously look at this situation it is all about how Pat Knight’s players play on whether they win or lose.