Amare Stoudemire to Golden State? Imagine the Possibilities

Phillip KernContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

If you are a Golden State Warriors fan, chances are you have already sneaked a peak at the mock drafts coming up in June.  Let's be honest, outside of Blake Griffin and perhaps Stephen Curry, there is not a whole lot to get excited about with this potential crop of NBA players.

Tyler Hansbrough?  Good college player, but unknown how his game will translate.  Ty Lawson?  Lightning quick point guard with a suspect shot, and a bit on the small side. Hasheem Thabeet?  Very unpolished big man who is shaping up to be a big tease.

Let me ask you a question Warriors fans.  Has the thought of trading for Amare Stoudemire crossed your mind?  I know, the prospect of it seems too outlandish to be true.  Why would he even come here in the first place?  Well, follow me through my logic and soon you shall see things as I do.

First off, it is no secret that Amare wants out of Phoenix.  He misses the freedom of playing in a system where players run up and down the court at a breakneck pace. Hmm, isn't that what Nellieball is all about anyway?

Secondly, he would be a great fit in Golden State in more ways than one.  He would give the Warriors another starting-caliber big man to compliment Andris Biedrins.  As good as he has been, he doesn't have quite the offensive game that Stoudemire possesses, and he would cover some of Stoudemire's weaknesses on the defensive end.

Finally, imagine all the attention he would draw while he was on the floor.  It would open up lanes for Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Anthony Morrow, and the cast of a thousand swingmen to do their damage out on the perimeter, where they have the most value.

Is it outlandish?  It may be, considering one of the only ways this deal works is by sending Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford to Phoenix, but in many ways, you have to give up something in order to get something.

This would be the biggest something ever acquired by Mullin since swindling Baron Davis from the Hornets.

Time to think big Warriors fans.