Manny Ramirez and the Most Famous Hair in Oakland A's History

Matt HinesCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2017

Manny Ramirez and the Most Famous Hair in Oakland A's History

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    Manny Ramirez might still be progressing through the minors in his haul back into the Major Leagues, but he'll be in the A's lineup soon enough. Along with his power hitting and much needed boost in the heart of the Oakland batting order, Manny also brings with him his signature dreadlocks and headband which are among the most recognizable in the league.

    The A's have a rich history of outstanding hairstyles, and Manny's return calls for a brief review of some of the more notable dos in the franchise's history.

Josh Reddick

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    Reddick might be new to the scene in Oakland, but that blond mane of his is quickly gaining notoriety as he continues to smack bombs and keep pace with baseball’s bests in the home run category despite the A’s recent plummet down the standings in the AL West.

    He’s already emerged as a fan favorite in Oakland, especially with the female crowd, and should he continue to develop as a young power hitter, he could end up with a Troy Polamalu-esque hair commercial.

Dennis Eckersley

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    Arguably one of the best modern era closers of all time and the only one to win both a Cy Young and MVP award in 1992, Eckersley could intimidate his opponents with both his fastball and his notorious stache.

    One of the most identifiable Athletics of all time, hitters knew exactly who was staring them down at the end of every game. Kirk Gibson might have been unfazed in 1988 when he his his career defining walk-off home run off Eck in Game 1 of the World Series that season, but perhaps every other hitter over the course of Eckersley's career melted at the sight of his facial hair.

Goose Gossage

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    The Goose only spent two season in Oakland, but that didn’t stop the Hall of Famer from continuing to rock one of the most renowned mustaches and the history of the sport.

    Even as Gossage continues to age, fans can still immediately identify him by the facial hair running down the side of his cheeks.

Coco Crisp

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    Crisp rocked the baseball world last season briefly when he decided to ease his pregame head itching woes by untying his head braids and unleashing a 1970s style afro on the sport.

    The hairstyle only lasted a few days for Crisp, but quickly drew national headlines and comparisons to former major leaguer Oscar Gamble’s notorious hairstyle. A's fans just wished Coco had kept it around for longer.

Jason Giambi

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    Giambi might be better known for his power hitting and steroid allegations, but Oakland diehards will always remember Giambi for his rugged, biker-esque look from his early days with the Athletics.

    A true greaser, Giambi was notorious for keeping his hair wet at all times. Though he was forced to clean up his hairstyle when he signed with the Yankees (George Steinbrenner instilled a short hair policy with the team in 1973), Giambi’s hellish look will never be forgotten in the hearts of A’s fans.

Rollie Fingers

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    Rollie Fingers originally grew his famous handle bar mustache to earn a $300 bonus from then A’s owner Charles Finley during his early days with the Athletics, and the Hall of Famer never looked back from there, donning one of the most famous face caterpillars in the history of sports.

    A’s fans can still be spotted wearing mock-Fingers mustaches in the stands regularly at the Coliseum, making Fingers one of the most recognizable faces in the history of the franchise.