College Basketball Bracketology: Bubble Bursting For Many Teams

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2009

The top seeds were pretty easy to give out this week. Connecticut, UNC, and Oklahoma have firmly established themselves as number ones right now. Duke has the better overall resume than the group of two-seeds in my bracket.

That two-seed line is dominated by the Big East with Marquette, Louisville, and Pitt. Clemson grabs the other two seed. Overall, the Big East and ACC hold seven of the top eight spots in the NCAA Tournament.

Wake Forest dropped to a three-seed with its latest struggles. The Demon Deacons' RPI of 15 also suggests the three-seed, not a two-seed that I gave them.

UCLA is an incredibly undeserving three seed, but none of the fours deserve it just yet and the Bruins are on-pace to win the Pac-10.

Tennessee is suddenly my top SEC team in the tournament again. LSU has the better conference record, but the Volunteers SOS puts them in as a seven seed.

The middle of the bracket from the six seeds to the eleven was incredibly difficult to figure out. Between the chunks of teams from the Big East, ACC, and the Big Ten and the mediocrity of the middle of the bracket, it's almost impossible to figure out any separation for those teams.

Within a week almost every one of those teams in the middle could go from a six to an 11 or an 11 to a six.

The Mountain West gets all four of its contending teams in because the bubble is that weak. When we are all said and done, that conference will probably get three teams.

Speaking of the bubble, in the end the final eight at-large spots were up for grabs among 16 teams.

Those teams in contention were: Arizona, Baylor, Boston College, BYU, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi State, Penn State, Providence, Saint Mary's, South Carolina, Texas A&M, UNLV, USC, Virginia Tech.


1 UConn vs. 16 Morgan State/Alabama State

8 Siena vs. 9 Florida State

4 Memphis vs. 13 Northeastern

5 Illinois vs. 12 UNLV

2 Clemson vs. 15 American

7 Davidson vs. 10 Georgetown

3 Xavier vs. 14 Buffalo

6 Arizona State vs. 11 Penn State


1 UNC vs. 16 Robert Morris

8 Dayton vs. 9 LSU

4 Villanova vs. 13 North Dakota State

5 Texas vs. 12 BYU

2 Louisville vs. 15 Boston U.

7 Washington vs. 10 Florida

3 Wake Forest vs. 14 VMI

6 Minnesota vs. 11 Saint Mary's


1 Duke vs. 16 Long Beach State

8 Utah State vs. 9 California

4 Kansas vs. 13 Western Kentucky

5 Syracuse vs. 12 Utah

2 Marquette vs. 15 UT-Martin

7 Tennessee vs. 10 Texas A&M

3 Michigan State vs. 14 Cornell

6 Purdue vs. 11 Boston College


1 Oklahoma vs. 16 Stephen F. Austin State

8 West Virginia vs. 9 San Diego State

4 Gonzaga vs. 13 Northern Iowa

5 Butler vs. 12 Southern California

2 Pitt vs. 15 Weber State

7 Ohio State vs. 10 South Carolina

3 UCLA vs. 14 East Tennessee State

6 Missouri vs. 11 Virginia Tech