Randy Orton Will Not Be Bringing Back the Attitude Era

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJune 4, 2012

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

Now that everyone knows that Randy Orton has been suspended, the attention has now turned to the future once again. Wrestling fans have been speculating about what's going to happen when the former world champion returns. It's uncertain because WWE can go in so many directions with this.

The only thing that is for certain is that the Attitude Era will not be returning with him.

There are several obvious reasons why WWE will not be bringing the raunchy style back. It's a bad business decision in regards to advertisement possibilities. Plus, Linda McMahon has been dragged through the mud in politics because of things that the company has done in the past.

The biggest reason why it won't happen, though, is because WWE simply does not want to attract any more attention to Orton's antics than there is now. 

Orton has a history of backstage issues. It was actually worse in the past. Based on recent events, it appears that his maturity simply is not at the point where people were pretending that it was.

WWE was really pleased that wrestling fans were under the assumption that Orton had matured. If he wasn't being viewed as a jackass backstage, then it makes him a much more likable character on screen. If fans like him, then they are more likely to spend money on him and things related to him.

The last thing that WWE wants to do is to remind fans of who Orton really is. Bringing the Attitude Era back and letting Orton play a defiant character (similar to Steve Austin) would be counterproductive. 


Jack Windham is the lead writer at WrestlingRevealed.com.