10 Superstars the WWE Dropped the Ball on

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIJune 4, 2012

10 Superstars the WWE Dropped the Ball on

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    As WWE viewers, we have seen a plethora of superstars come across our screens over the years, some of whom we have loved, others we couldn't care less about.

    While we could sit here all day talking about characters and superstars that have not been used properly, I am going to look at the last 10 years or so.

    We all know the feeling when there is a superstar we gravitate to, only to hear that they were given their walking papers, and we won't be able to see them compete on Raw or SmackDown anymore.

    So, here is a look at 10 superstars who I feel WWE should have put more effort into but were never allowed to live up to their full potential.

Sean O'Haire

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    Remember those promos that Sean O'Haire appeared in and said "I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know"? This was clearly going to be a very interesting character.

    Sean O'Haire started his career in WCW, primarily teaming with Chuck Palumbo. When the company was purchased by WWE, his contract was picked up.

    In WWE, he came in as part of the "invasion" angle, leading up to Invasion pay-per-view event, where they would lose to the APA. O'Haire and Palumbo only teamed together for about two months in the WWE.

    O'Haire was sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling for some extra training, and he returned in the early part of 2003 with the aforementioned vignettes.

    Soon, he came under the wing of Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the two really seemed to have something going. O'Haire even got a victory over Rikishi at Backlash 2003. But when Piper was let go from WWE at the time for making some ill-advised comments in an interview on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, he was let go, too.

    This seemed to be the beginning of the end for O'Haire, who never really got used prominently after that. He was released in April of 2004 and since has spent some time in Japan and also dabbled into mixed martial arts. He's also had some legal problems in recent years (h/t The Sun).

    Sean O'Haire had the look and athletic ability to become a major star in WWE. Plus, I really wish they would have pushed that devil's advocate character a little further.

Matt Morgan

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    Matt Morgan has become one of the bigger stars in TNA over the past several years, but he's most remembered for having a speech disorder in the WWE.

    At 6'10" and 325 pounds, there's no denying this guy is a freakish athlete for his size and could be an upper mid-card level wrestler, at the very least, in any promotion out there.

    But the WWE had him as a stuttering big man who was nothing more than a bodyguard type to Carlito. To me, it's one of the worst moves WWE ever made with one of their superstars.

    After he appeared on the second season of Tough Enough, WWE could have made Morgan a staple in their company for many years.

Ultimo Dragon

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    Ultimo Dragon has been a huge star everywhere he has ever competed, except the WWE.

    I can remember him coming to the ring in WCW with so many title belts he could barely carry them all.

    WWE is known for not being a great place for guys like this, unless your name is Rey Mysterio. But it seemed the Dragon would be different. In 2003, they hyped his debut for weeks in succession on SmackDown.

    He finally had that debut in June of 2003 and looked very good in the process. WWE fans were excited, and I was one of them. But soon came reports that Vince McMahon wasn't too high on him, and you know what that means.

    The WWE should have built a Cruiserweight division (one thing they've never been able to accomplish) around him and Rey Myserio and set up a big pay-per-view match between the two. Instead, Ultimo Dragon's contract expired in 2004 and so did his WWE career.

    But wrestling fans can at least be happy about two things. When coming to WWE, Ultimo Dragon had two goals. One was to compete inside Madison Square Garden, and the other was to be on the card for WrestleMania. He managed to accomplish both.

Muhammad Hassan

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    Muhammad Hassan was easily one of the most disliked heels in WWE history.

    He had his Muslim-American character down pat, and I vividly remembered his words drawing the ire of WWE crowds. Pairing him with Daivari made it work that much more.

    This character was a victim of horrible timing, in my opinion. In July of 2005, WWE ran an angle where Hassan basically used a terror cell to ambush The Undertaker, who he was scheduled to face at The Great American Bash. However, the segment just happened to air on the same day that the London train bombings occurred.

    It was the fault of no one, but because of the timing, it was seen in horrible taste. UPN, the network that aired SmackDown at the time, demanded WWE remove the character from television and so, the Hassan character was extinguished.

    Mark Copani, the man who portrayed the character, soon left wrestling altogether

Paul Burchill

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    WWE never seemed to know what to do with this guy.

    They saddled him with a pirate gimmick and then had him come back with Katie Lea. It was rumored that the brother-and-sister combo would be involved in some sort of incest angle (h/t Lords of Pain), but that was around the time WWE was switching to a PG rating, and they decided that would probably not be a very good idea.

    Instead, Burchill toiled in mediocrity, landing on the ECW brand. They seemed like they wanted to do something with him there, but trying to prove that Gregory Helms and The Hurricane were the same person was about the extent of it. Once WWE ended ECW, Burchill was finally released.

    However, there was no denying the man's in-ring ability. Why did he have to have some stupid gimmick? To me, Burchill was the type of guy who should have just been able to let his actions speak for himself but as we know, that doesn't get you very far in Sports Entertainment.


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    I was pretty disappointed to hear when WWE did away with this character.

    He debuted in WWE in May of 2004, and fans got a look at one of the more complex, interesting characters the WWE had ever seen.

    But after just a few matches, he was defeated by Rey Mysterio on an episode of SmackDown and never seen again.

    I'm not sure where this character could have gone as it seemed like it could have been pretty limited unless WWE got very creative, but I know I wanted to see a lot more of him. Plus, I'm a fan of Kevin Fertig, who portrayed the character. More on him later.

Kenny Dykstra

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    The Spirit was a cheesy and very annoying gimmick, but there was clearly some talent in the group. After all, one of them was Dolph Ziggler.

    But when the Spirit Squad had its run in the WWE, it seemed that the man with the most talent in the group was Kenny.

    The Spirit Squad went on to have decent success, even winning the tag team titles. But they decided to disband the group after about 10 months, and Dykstra was seemingly going to get a big singles run.

    That never happened, and Dykstra was soon relegated to WWE Heat. They ended up moving him over to SmackDown, but that never went very far either, despite his partnership with former diva Victoria.

    WWE finally released him in November of 2008, nearly three years after calling him up.

    Even today, he is only 26 years old and should still be on the WWE roster.

Sylvester Terkay

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    With this guy, I thought WWE could do no wrong.

    He seemed like a legit tough guy with a no-nonsense attitude. Upon debuting, he had Elijah Burke with him, acting as a cornerman of sorts. I loved that idea.

    But it soon became the other way around, with Burke wrestling most of the matches and Terkay in his corner.

    Was Terkay too "green" in the ring? Was it because he didn't have much of a personality? No one ever really knew.

    He was released about six months after being promoted to the main roster, and I, for one, would have liked to see much more out of him.

Scotty Goldman

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    Anyone who follows Ring of Honor, or any of the independent promotions this man has been in, knows him as Colt Cabana and knows what he's capable of.

    Sadly, he had a short stint in WWE under the ridiculous name, Scotty Goldman.

    Why did they ever call him up from developmental? Why was he ever signed by them in the first place?

    When they brought him up on SmackDown, it seemed more like a joke than anything, as he never won a televised match. He's best remembered for his time in WWE for having a show called What's Crackin' on their website.

    Goldman was released by WWE just six months after being promoted to the main roster. Anyone who has followed the career of Colt Cabana knows he deserved a lot better than that.

Kevin Thorn

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    I told you I was a fan of Kevin Fertig's. I liked this character even more than Mordecai.

    This character, to me, was simply awesome and was the main reason I liked WWE's version of ECW, at least until they released him.

    Thorn was a vampire character who had a vampiress named Ariel accompany him out to the ring. I was very much into this pairing and wanted big things for him.

    He had some success in ECW before joining Elijah Burke, Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von in forming the New Breed stable, which even got them a match at WrestleMania 23.

    But in May of 2007, Ariel was released by the WWE, effectively killing the character in my opinion. Thorn was never the same, though they still used him, even giving him a new look.

    Thorn was let go by the company in January 2009 after he decided not to sign a new contract. I would love to see Kevin Fertig back in the WWE someday, under either one of the gimmicks presented in this slideshow.

    Agree or disagree with my list? Do you have any names you'd like to add yourself? Feel free to chime in under the comments section below.