An Ode to a Tuba!

Benji ZeledonContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

An ode to a Tuba:


Oh dear instrument that stood there in sight.

To it's random moment of history's blight.

Elway wished to end his career with a bang.

All the way to the HOF.

Then a lucky little thing, happened

in a rivalry that rivals Ohio State.

A lucky little kick return went all the way and won the game

for one bear of an end.

Though what occurred was something out of the blue

the Cardinal red where ready to jump so they stormed the field

instead of a team.

it was a band with a bang!

Soon the kick returner was off to the races and soon enough the laws of physics applied

What comes in

Must Come Down.

An unlucky tuba came in that field and the football crashed in the horn

and fell to the floor.

An Unlucky sight to behold for the Cardinal red!

The Bears beat the Hero at the last second, and hit their tuba flat on the floor.

Puns aside, it was a sight to see as the Tuba now rests in the HOF.

Apart of history of a crash for the age!

In seldom remembrance in the funniest days.

The golden tuba still stands to this day!