WWE: Why CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Must Be a PPV Main Event ASAP

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

After the amazing match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at the Over the Limit, it’s hard to see why these two wrestlers aren't main eventing the upcoming No Way Out pay-per-view.  Even the match on RAW last week was great, but for some reason it’s as though the CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan feud is being sidelined for Cena vs. Big Show.

This is a major problem, and the WWE needs to change it as soon as possible.

Putting the skill of Punk and Bryan aside for a moment, we have to wonder why the WWE is not making the match around its championship the main event going into No Way Out.  The WWE seems to put John Cena and the story around him before their championship, which is a mistake.  People want to see main event matches that deal with the championship.  It is the most prestigious title in the WWE, and the champion as well as the championship should be the focus of PPVs.

Whether you agree or disagree with the decision to add Kane into the mix at No Way Out and the decision to make it a triple threat match for the WWE championship, there is no reason why this match should not be the main event.

Kane being thrown into this feud between Punk and Bryan adds a whole other level. How will the champion be able to handle the threat of both Bryan and the "Big Red Monster?"  With Kane’s size, how will Punk and Bryan be able to use their technical styles to stop him?

Putting Punk vs. Bryan in the main event of No Way Out and other upcoming PPV matches would also bring back a much needed focus on wrestling, instead of story.

The main event of the last PPV—Over the Limit—was indeed a focus on story instead of wrestling. 

Did we actually think John Laurinaitis had a chance against Cena?  It was bland, dull, and should have never been the main event.  This is the biggest problem with not making Punk and Bryan the main event heading into No Way Out.

Why does the WWE seem to think that the fans want a focus more on Cena than on the rising stars of Bryan and Punk?  Don’t both wrestlers get big reactions on RAW and SmackDown?  We have seen Cena and Show battle before—WrestleMania 20 for example—but Bryan vs. Punk is still relatively new for the WWE universe. They gotten a huge fan reaction which the WWE needs to take full advantage of.

Fans can also relate to Punk and Bryan.  They come across more as an "every man’s" wrestler.  Punk specifically brings back the championship to a long lost era where the champion isn’t larger than life— Cena or Lesnar for example—but instead is much more easier to relate to. 

The last champion that seemed like an every man’s champion was arguably Bob Backlund who had his biggest run as champion in the late 1970’s, but last held the title back in 1994.

The match at Over the Limit between Punk and Bryan was one of the best so far this year.  Clearly these two have proven that they are two of the best wrestlers in the WWE right now and have shown that they can pull off fantastic wrestling matches.

So why won't the WWE give Punk and Bryan the chance to take the ball and run with it?  They need to put these two in the spotlight and see if their investment in both Punk and Bryan has paid off. It could be a risk, but one that could be big in the end.  Would Bryan vs. Punk generate more PPV buys than Cena being the focus of the main event?  I think so, but the WWE seems to disagree.

The WWE needs to move forward with the company.  They need to give Punk and Bryan the main event status and to see if they can really handle it.

They need to shift their main events from story to one that is about the WWE championship and wrestling. 

And they need to do this as soon as possible.