The East Break the Traditon and Are Considered the Better Conference So Far

aedan doyleContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

This question is always a hot topic. This season the West and the East are looking identical and its not like other years where the West dominates. I am going to compare the NBA's Eastern Conference to the Western Conference.



1. Cleveland (39-9)

2. Boston (41-10)

3. Orlando (37-11)

4. Atlanta (28-20)

5. Detroit (26-21)

6. Miami (26-22)

7. Philadelphia (24-24)

8. Milwaukee (24-28)

9. New Jersey(23-27)

10. Chicago (22-28)

11. New York (21-27)

12. Charlotte (19-29)

13. Indiana (19-31)

14. Toronto (19-32)

15. Washington (10-39)


The Eastern Conference teams have a total of 352 wins and 378 losses.



1. LA Lakers (40-9)

2. San Antonio (33-15)

3. Denver (33-16)

4. Portland (30-18)

5. New Orleans (28-18)

6. Houston (30-20)

7. Dallas (29-20)

8. Utah (28-22)

9. Phoenix (26-21)

10. Minnesota (17-31)

11. Golden State (16-34)

12. Memphis (13-35)

13. Oklahoma City (11-38)

14. Sacramento (11-39)

15. LA Clippers (10-39)

The Western Conference teams have a total of 325 wins and 375 losses.



The Eastern Conference have 27 more wins than the annual leading Western Conference. The Western Conference only has three fewer losses than the Eastern Conference.

The six under 20 win teams in the West are the teams that the East like to take easy wins from and make the East a more powerful Conference. Although the West do have the best eight potential playoff teams.

Orlando, Boston, and Cleveland are the three teams to be reckoned with in the East while the Lakers, Spurs, and Nuggets are the three teams to be reckoned in West.

If it weren't for the last six teams in the West, the West will be the dominate conference. They have better potential playoff teams than the East. All the East have are the Celtics, Magic, and Cavaliers.

However, these three teams are all better than any team in the West and will go on and off with the impressive Lakers. So because of this and the significant amount of more wins than the West, the East will take the crown being the better conference right now in the NBA.