Attention San Francisco Giants Fans: Manny Ramirez Won't Solve Everything

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2009

The vision of Manny Ramirez wearing the orange and black of the Giants is something that a lot of people in San Francisco want to become a reality and there’s no denying that.

The majority of Giants fans believe that he will be the saving grace and turn them from cellar-dwellers into playoff contenders.

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Ramirez will help the Giants offense. Heck, Will Clark who just rejoined the team and is now part the Giants’ front office could shed the suit and still hit some jacks into the Cove.

But there’s just something about this whole Manny Being Manny moving from south to north that doesn’t convince me.

Let’s start with what the Giants have right now.

Despite what will a full season with Pablo Sandoval, Emmanuel Burriss and the other youngsters, the offense is still lacking thump. To think that Travis Ishikawa is what the Giants have been lacking at first base is not something to put your money on.

Despite having a solid season last year, he has been anything but that in the minors and his track record has shown that he can’t put together two good back-to-back years of production at the plate.

So by adding Ramirez, the Giants offense, as already mentioned.

However, the problem that it seems like a lot people are just blowing by is the other stuff that comes along with him.

You know, the random antics, the high-fives to people in the left field bleachers while a play is still going on, coming out to the field about five seconds before the first pitch of the inning is thrown.

So after people wanted the Giants to get rid of one dominating personality in Barry Bonds, it doesn’t make sense, that despite the bat, people want another “it’s all about me” left fielder at AT&T Park.

That is something the Giants could do without just three years removed from Mr. BALCO himself.

But in the field, Manny might be one of the worst around.

Take a look at the potential Giants left side of the field, a 33-year-old Edgar Renteria who is nowhere close to what he was when he won Gold Gloves in 2002 and 2003, a third baseman in Sandoval who has played 33 professional games at the hot corner, and then Ramirez.

Is that the best thing you want when you have young pitchers who would like to have defensive support?

Not so much.

Then there’s the economics.

I know the Giants have over $30 million coming off the books next season and I know that Bill Neukom wants to make a splash.

What I also know is that Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand’s annual salaries are going higher and Tim Lincecum, who is likely to be arbitration eligible after 2009, and Matt Cain are due raises.

It’s money that motivates Manny and wanting to cash in during the winter is what he wanted this year. Put that with the most greedy agent in the majors, it’s a recipe to over pay for a Boras client...again.

And say Ramirez signs short-term for only a year or two, then what? Another winter wondering what the hell is going to happen?

Find another person to play in left or go into another offseason wondering what Manny is going to do?

That’s just a lot of drama that the Giants don’t need.


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