Will Manny Ramirez Stay In L.A.?

Allen LieuCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

It is ironic that Manny Ramirez, who became an instant Los Angeles icon after being traded from Boston, is still unemployed and looking for the lucrative contract that other free agents have signed. The Dodgers are the only ones who have put offers on the table!

This is coming from the guy who said "Gas prices are up and so am I!"

Well, gas prices have dropped significantly since Ramirez made this statement.

When Ramirez first arrived to the Dodgers, he commented that his grandmother had bought him his first jersey as a child and it was a Dodgers jersey. He said he wanted to stay here.

The first offer was a $45 million offer for two years with an option for a third year. This offer was simply ignored by Scott Boras, the best super villian agent of baseball. He thought the Dodgers offer was a joke and simply replied, "We're ready to field serious offers."

The problem, so far, is no one else wants Ramirez. He also declined salary arbitration, which was expected. When the Dodgers made a one year offer of $25 million, it took mere minutes for Boras to decline the offer, suggesting that the offer was not good enough. The Dodgers even deferred money for Andruw Jones so that they could use that money to resign Ramirez!

From the Dodgers standpoint, this offer looked brilliant. The economy is in the best state (just kidding), and Ramirez is yearning for the same type of money that he has seen other free agents receive. However, many of the other players signed to these big money contracts did not have the same type of issues that he had. The past, however, is the past. The issue is the present and the future.

The Dodgers want Ramirez. Does he want the Dodgers?

The Giants have publicly stated that they have interest in Ramirez. However, the Giants have spent a lot this offseason and there is a huge sense of doubt that he will sign with the Giants. Their outfield is already set. 

The Yankees and Mets have publicly bowed out of the Ramirez sweepstakes. The Nationals have shown interest too, but he won't go from the super big market of Los Angeles and Boston to a small market team. The Cardinals do not have the money to sign him.

The Dodgers are continuing to have conversations with Boras. How long will it take for Ramirez to be wearing Dodgers blue? As I write this, I wonder, how low can Boras go?

Is a mysterious team going to come out of nowhere and sign Ramirez?