WWE Superstars Review: Is Christian vs. Drew McIntyre Worth Watching?

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WWE Superstars Review: Is Christian vs. Drew McIntyre Worth Watching?
Gotta give the "c" show a chance. (Image courtesy of QuickWrestlingNews.com)

If you'd just like the QuickNotes version of my Superstars review, just skip to the next slide. If you'd like a segment-by-segment breakdown, complete with predictions and questions, click through the remaining slides.

A few years back, I was a concert promoter in Des Moines, Iowa. The music scene wasn't enormous in Des Moines, and there was already a promoter working the kinds of shows that I was interested in. So I ended up working mostly with local and regional bands, and a few struggling national acts.

It was always my hope that a few of those bands would go on to much bigger things, remember me as they came back through Des Moines and help me grow as a promoter while they grew as a band.

After a few fun years of putting on shows and not making any money, I grew impatient and stopped promoting shows, leaving whatever small niche I had carved out to those who were already way ahead of me.

But I still enjoy seeing a lesser-known band that I enjoy finally make it big. It's a good feeling to see a struggling artist you supported finally achieve some success.

That same sort of attitude is also true for me in terms of professional wrestling.

In 2008, I would have told you that my favorite superstar was Randy Orton. When I was in attendance at WrestleMania 24, and I witnessed him steal a championship match from the likes of John Cena and Triple H, I was ecstatic.

That victory helped cement Randy Orton's spot as one of the elite superstars in the WWE. At WrestleMania 24, to a certain extent, Randy Orton peaked. He had made it to the top, and has remained there ever since.

Today, my favorite superstars are guys like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan. These guys are all at different spots on the journey to their peak, and they all have the potential to be one of the elite someday.

The regulars on WWE Superstars are like the bands I used to work with. The casual fan may not be familiar with them, and probably couldn't tell you the last time they saw the Superstars-regular win.

That's because the regulars are still trying to establish who they are.

Let's take a fresh look at WWE Superstars, the May 31 edition, and see if this showcase of up-and-coming stars is worth our time.

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