WWE News: D-Generation X Reuniting at 1,000th Episode of Raw

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WWE News: D-Generation X Reuniting at 1,000th Episode of Raw
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It has been an interesting week in the world of wrestling. While June is still to be seen, there is no doubt that July will be very memorable.

According to a new report, Shawn Michaels and Triple H will appear as D-Generation X on the 1,000th episode of Raw on July 23rd. The show takes place in St. Louis. Also of note is Randy Orton no longer being advertised to appear at the show in his hometown.

The only other advertisement is John Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis. Of course, that is the night Raw moves to three hours each and every week.

My Thoughts on This News

There are a few things that jump out at me.

First, Randy Orton is a big name for St Louis. If anything is "ruined" by his recent suspension, it is him missing this show. It is a major deal and just very bad timing. Thus, I can understand DX "taking his place."

I hope this is the last of Mr. RKO's missteps.

The big topic is DX coming back for one night only. I assume it is for the live crowd only, but it needs to be stated. Just having them in a ring again speaks volumes.

It tells me Triple H will be coming back at some point in the next month or two. Another factor is that could signal a return from Brock Lesnar at any moment.

DX Reunion?

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Also, DX coming back for the millionth time tells me who WWE thinks can sell tickets.

I do not see any huge promotion for Dolph Ziggler. Nothing is being made about CM Punk being there. The list goes on and on...

Right now, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are still being used to make money. In 2012, a part-time wrestler and retired star are being depended on.

Honestly, I do not blame WWE.

Numbers show how well some of the new guys are drawing. It is not pretty. For WWE to drag back another late 90's act is ridiculous yet smart at the same time.

It plays off exactly what Jim Ross and Paul Heyman have been saying for years. Current WWE stars need to grab the brass ring. Just showing up and doing a nice job is not going to cut it. Main events are not just handed to you without going the extra mile. 

It seems as if Sheamus has stepped up and grabbed a top spot. You can debate how or why all day long. The fact is he is in a great position as World Champion right now. Everybody else is just "there."

People can have "5-star classics" every night for the next 20 years, but it will mean nothing to financial reports. A business needs to make money. That is the bottom line.

I have said it over and over.

Eventually, Triple H will be done. Shawn Michaels won't appear when needed. Undertaker will retire. Yes, even John Cena will step away from the ring one day.

Then what?

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