Fantasy WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (5/18)

Will OwenCorrespondent IJune 3, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (5/18)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is another episode of Fantasy WWE's Smackdown.

    For those who have never seen these articles before, Raw (Michael Broughton and Will Owen) and Smackdown (Charlie Gregory, Jack McKenzie and George Cushnie) have all drafted their own rosters and are now creating their own fantasy shows.

    Here is the Smackdown roster:

    1. CM Punk

    2. John Cena

    3. The Miz

    4. Dolph Ziggler

    5. Cody Rhodes

    6. Daniel Bryan

    7. Christian

    8. Alberto Del Rio

    9. Zack Ryder

    10. Ezekiel Jackson

    11. Kofi Kingston

    12. Jack Swagger

    13. Evan Bourne

    14. Vladimir Kozlov

    15. Big Show

    16. Skip Sheffield

    17. Sin Cara Azul

    18. Sin Cara Negro

    19. Santino Marella

    20. Chris Masters 

    21. Heath Slater

    22. Curt Hawkins

    23. Trent Barreta

    24. Tyler Reks

    25. Brodus Clay

    26. Richie Steamboat

    27. Dean Ambrose

    28. Kharma

    29. Natalya

    30. Gail Kim

    31. Maryse

    32. Eve Torres

    33. AJ

    34. Death Rey

    35. Teddy Hart

    36. Kurt Angle

    37. Jeff Hardy

    38. Jinder Mahal

Promo: COO Triple H Is in the Ring

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    Triple H’s music hits to a massive pop, and the crowd goes crazy for “The Game." He makes his way to the ring and picks up a mic. 

    HHH: “Wow! What a reaction. Maybe I should come back to Smackdown more often! (crowd chants for HHH). Guys, you all know why I’m here, so let’s get straight to business. Right now, Raw is under extreme scrutiny from the Board of Directors and myself as COO due to the actions of its General Manager, Vince McMahon. 

    The last time I was here, I told Cole to lift his game or I would be back. As much as we all can’t stand the guy, I can’t deny that he’s done a good job so far. Cole, I’m warning you now, that if you get power-hungry, like Vince has, I won’t hesitate to come back here and fire your ass! There’s a huge list of legends that I could get to replace you, so don’t think you’re irreplaceable.” 

    Matthews: “That’s a serious warning from HHH there. Cole has to stay as impartial as possible; otherwise, he’ll be fired!” 

    HHH: “There’s another issue we need to discuss, and it’s about the divas. You might have heard, but in case you didn’t, Natalya has been drafted to Raw. (crowd boos). I know, I know, but that’s the way things go. Anything can happen in the WWE. My issue is the fact that Michael Cole said there would be a new title brought in for the Smackdown divas and that the first champion would be crowned on Sunday at No Mercy. I hate to tell you this, Cole but I got rid of that title for a reason. It represents mediocrity; it represents the old guard of WWE. This is a new era; there will be no Divas title match this Sunday. I'm sorry to all of you looking forward to that, but Kharma and Rey will be a great match anyways. 

    Good luck in the ratings war, because remember, after WrestleMania 29, someone will be...” 

    Triple H is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio’s music. He walks out in a suit with Ricardo following close behind holding the title. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone. 

    Alberto: “That’s it? You’re done? You come all this way not to deal with the travesties that have been going on here? Forcing people to wrestle so close to a title defence, being attacked with chairs? Why don’t you do what Vince would have done and fire somebody for these mistakes?” 

    HHH: “Oh, you want someone to get fired, do you? Well I can fire someone if that’s what you really want? How much do...” 

    The COO is interrupted AGAIN as Cody Rhodes' music hits and he comes down to the ring. 

    Cody: “Hunter, if you’re seriously considering letting Cole get away with what he did last week, then maybe you’re the one who needs to be under serious scrutiny. Cole can’t just go unpunished for doing things that aren’t fair. He put me and Alberto in a match against each other. We’re the two main attractions for No Mercy, but he put us in a position where one of us could’ve been seriously hurt. I suffered a concussion last week during that match. I’m lucky that I’m still cleared to compete this Sunday; otherwise, the match No Mercy would have had to be cancelled!” 

    HHH: “OK, I've had just about enough of the both of you. If anyone else comes out, I’ll fire their ass! I actually rang Michael Cole after last week’s show to commend him on how he’s handled the pair of you. He did exactly what I would have done. You two need to remember that Cole makes the decisions, not you!” 

    Cody Rhodes snaps and charges at Triple H, but Triple H nails him with a right hand, then a kick to the midsection. He sets him up for the Pedigree and delivers it in the centre of the ring. He then picks up the microphone. 

    HHH: “You still got a problem, Alberto? You’re gonna have an even bigger one tonight, when you go one-on-one against the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show! Of course, if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for ya…..” 

    The crowd chants “SUCK IT!!!” as Triple H drops the microphone and his music plays. Alberto is fuming in the ring as Cody continues to sell the pedigree. 

    Striker: “Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how Alberto copes with the Big Show tonight Josh!” 

    Matthews: “I wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes that’s for sure! Up next, we’re going to see Trent Baretta in action against a mystery opponent!”

Match 1: Trent Barreta vs. Mystery Opponent

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    We come back from commercial to see Trent Barretta standing in the ring waiting for his opponent. 

    Matthews: “I wonder who Trent’s opponent is going to be tonight?” 

    Santino Marella’s music hits and the crowd goes absolutely nuts! 

    Striker: “Santino’s back!! He looks like he’s in great condition after being attacked two weeks ago by Alberto and Cody!” 

    Santino makes his way to the ring and shakes hands with Trent. The referee rings the bell and this match is underway! Both men lock up, and Trent starts to push Santino towards the corner. Santino breaks it with a kick to the midsection and then hits a DDT!

    Santino isn’t messing around here. He drags Trent up to his feet and sets up for the Milan Miracle, but Trent connects with an elbow to the head and Santino lets go. Trent goes for a clothesline, but Santino ducks it. Trent bounces off the ropes and tries another clothesline, but Santino counters it into the Milan Miracle and connects! He covers Trent as the ref counts…1…2…3!! 

    Winner: Santino Marella (Match time - 1:53) 

    After the match, Santino grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd. 

    Santino: “They might have tried taking me out, but it didn’t work. This Sunday at No Mercy, I’ve got a chance to take back my Intercontinental Championship, and I plan on walking out as your NEW Intercontinental Champion!” 

    With that, Santino drops the microphone as his music blares out throughout the arena.

Promo: Triple H Backstage

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    The camera cuts backstage to see Triple H saying goodbye to Big Show, Eve Torres, AJ and Air Boom. He turns the corner and bumps into Chris Jericho. 

    Jericho: “Ah, Hunter, it’s been a while, but you still don’t move over for anyone do you? The only difference is now you wear a suit instead of using a sledgehammer. You should stay around and watch the fireworks go off when John-Boy and I sign our contract later!” 

    HHH: Nice to see that you’re still the same sarcastic, narcissistic, annoying, cocky piece of work that you’ve always been, Chris? I’ve got more important things to do with my time than listen to your crap.” 

    Jericho smiles and says: “It’s typical that you’d head off when you’re not the centre of attention anymore. You’ve used Stephanie and Vince to make sure that it’s still all about you. You take out your own father-in-law and become the boss of HIS company because you can’t take a backseat. Don’t forget, I’ve got to get my revenge for what happened at WrestleMania 18, but that can wait. You’re lucky that, right now, I'm focused on Cena and once I’m done with him, I’ll get my WWE Title back. When I do, I’ll be sure to rub it in your face, Mr COO!” 

    HHH: “Talk’s cheap, Jericho. I can’t wait to see Cena kick your goofy ass on Sunday!” 

    Triple H walks off as Chris Jericho smirks to himself.

Promo: Christian Is in the Ring

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    We come back to the arena as the announcers recap the influence HHH has had on his first appearance on Smackdown for a long time. 

    Matthews: “We’ve just received word that, as a result of Natalya being drafted to Raw, Michael Cole has found someone to take her place at No Mercy. Natalya will be replaced by AJ, so it’s now Kharma vs Rey vs AJ this coming Sunday on PPV.” 

    We hear Christian’s music as the champ strides to the ring with the belt on his shoulder, followed by Slater, and they taunt the fans. Christian picks up a mic when he gets in the ring. 

    Christian: “This Sunday, at No Mercy, I’ll show Richie just exactly who he’s dealing with. He thinks he’s going to walk in to No Mercy and leave with my title? Well, that’s not going to happen! I stand before you tonight as your Light Heavyweight Champion. I’ve not only beaten Richie before, but I nearly ended his career!

    At No Mercy, I’ll make Richie pay and wish that he’d never crossed me. I’m going to teach him a lesson. He won't be able to compete when I'm done with him. I don't care how I do it. Whether I put him through a table or make him bleed, he’ll know that I’m the best wrestler in this division by the time I’m finished with him. I’ll stand over his broken body, still the Light Heavyweight Champion!” 

    Richie's music hits and he walks down the ramp to the ring. He’s got the biggest pop of the night so far from the live crowd. 

    Richie: “These people are like me. We don't care what you want and we don't care what you say, because we all know that there’s no way you’re going to teach me a lesson. You’re going to smash me through a table? I'll smash you through a FLAMING table. You’re going to make me bleed? I'm going to end your career. I want to beat you MY way. I want to pick a stipulation for our match!” 

    Christian: “Hang on there, boy! You can't just come out and pick a stipulation for our match! I'm the champ! If I'm in a title match, what I say goes. That means that if anyone picks a stipulation, it’s me!” 

    Both men stare at each other as Michael Cole’s music hits and he comes out on to the stage. 

    Cole: “Gentlemen, gentlemen. I’ve got a simple solution to your problem. Tonight, you’ll BOTH have matches. Whoever wins their match tonight will be able to pick the stipulation for Sunday. If you both win or both lose, then I’ll make the decision for you! Christian, your match will be against Zack Ryder later tonight!

    As for you, Richie, you’re going to face someone that Christian knows very well. You’re going to face Heath Slater, and that match… is next!!” 

    Cole leaves the stage as Richie smiles at Christian, while Heath Slater throws a fit in the ring and we cut to commercial.

Match 2: Richie Steamboat vs. Heath Slater

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    We come back from commercial as Heath and Richie look each other dead in the eyes. The referee rings the bell, and this match is underway! 

    Heath goes on the offense straight away and lands a big dropkick, knocking Richie down to the mat! Richie gets back to his feet, though, but not for long, as Heath suplexes him and celebrates. Heath goes straight back on the offense, connecting with left and rights hands. He bounces off the ropes and connects with a flying legdrop. 

    Matthews: “Remember ladies and gentlemen, this match decides whether Richie, Christian or GM Michael Cole will decide the stipulation of the LHC match at No Mercy!” 

    Striker: “The way things are going, Josh, it looks like either Christian’s or Cole’s choice!” 

    Once again, Richie gets to his feet, but again Heath suplexes him to the mat. Slater picks Richie up again and delivers a third suplex! Slater lifts him up again and tries to send him into the turnbuckle, but Richie breaks free and whips Slater into the ropes before connecting with a big boot! Somehow, Slater doesn’t get knocked down, and he starts punching Richie, backing him into the corner. 

    Striker: “This match isn't going too well for Richie. He just can’t get started!”

    Matthews: “I’m surprised at just how impressive Heath Slater has been here.” 

    Heath slaps Richie in the corner and drags him out, where he delivers a thunderous DDT. Instead of going for a cover, Slater punches away at Richie. Eventually, the ref has to pull him off as Richie reaches the ropes. The ref tries to calm Slater down as Richie staggers to his feet, using the ropes. Slater pushed the ref out of his way and runs at Richie, but Richie connects with a huge dropkick! Both men get back to their feet and Richie starts landing some punches of his own! He follows up with a huge superkick and stomps away at Slater. He goes for a cover! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! 

    Richie grabs Slater and throws him into the turnbuckle! He then hits two running clotheslines and two big boots on Slater, sending him into the steel turnbuckle! Slater barely manages to stagger to his feet and Richie hits the Flying Dragon out of nowhere!

    Slater’s down, but Richie doesn’t go for a pin! He locks in an ankle-lock instead! Slater tries to reach for the ropes, but Richie drags him back into the middle of the ring, and Slater has no choice but to tap out!! 

    Winner: Richie Steamboat (Match Time - 5:31) 

    As the referee rings the bell, he goes to check on Slater as Richie celebrates in the ring. 

    Matthews: “What a show of resiliency from Richie there. He was being totally dominated, but somehow, he came back to win the match!”

    Striker: “That one split-second was a game-changer. Heath rushed in too quickly, and the dropkick from Richie turned this match around! Richie’s done his bit, and now, the ball is firmly in Christian’s court!” 

    Matthews: “It’s a high-pressure situation for Christian. Regardless of how his match goes, he isn’t going to be able to pick the stipulation when he defends his title on Sunday. How will the champion react? We’ll find out later tonight.” 

    Striker: “That’s later on, folks, but up next, we’re going to hear from the current WWE Champion Bryan Danielson. Will this be the last time we see him with the belt on Smackdown? Find out what he has to say, next!!”

Promo: Bryan Danielson Is in the Ring

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    Bryan Danielson’s music hits, and between the boos, there’s some CM Punk chants from the live crowd. As Danielson makes his way to the ring, we’re shown a video package about last week’s main-event between Danielson and Ziggler. 

    Matthews: “We’re only a couple days away from No Mercy, where we will finally see CM Punk taking on Bryan in a Ladder Match for the WWE Title.” 

    Striker: “I can’t wait for Bryan to show everyone that WrestleMania wasn’t a fluke.” 

    Bryan waits for the video to end and starts laughing: “Last week, I beat Dolph Ziggler in the main event, just like I said I would, because I am a truly great champion. On Sunday at No Mercy, I’ll win the ladder match to continue my reign and go down as the best champion Smackdown has ever seen. I’ll show the world that I’m better than CM Punk ever was! No one can stop me! I deserve to be here; I am the best in the world, and this title proves it. 

    At No Mercy, I will solidify my run at the top and prove all my doubters wrong. I’ll show Vince McMahon and the WWE board of directors that their anti-small man mentality is a crock because nobody can touch me! I’m an inspiration. I’m a role model. All of you people here should respect and look up to me! You should all follow my example and do what I do in order to be better people.” 

    In a bit of a surprise, The Miz’s music hits and he gets some heat as he walks to the ring with a microphone. 

    Miz: “Really? Really? Reaaaaally? Reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly? You want people to be like you? I was the most seen WWE Champion in history; people should follow my example. I was the main event of WrestleMania 27. How many WrestleManias have you main-evented? None. That’s how many. All you did was hit CM Punk in the head with a briefcase and walk off with the title. 

    CM Punk shouldn’t even be getting a title shot. He’s lost to you twice now. I should be the No. 1 contender at No Mercy. I haven’t had a shot at the title since No Way Out, and that was with five other men. I want my one on one shot right now. I deserve it, I demand it, I claim it.” 

    Dolph Ziggler’s music plays as he walks out to a great pop. 

    Dolph: “Both of you, I've had enough. You talk way too much for my liking. Miz, you’re whining like a little girl! If you deserved a title shot, you’d have been given one by now. As for you, Danielson, you cheated to beat me last week. No one is better than me because I'm that damn good and I go out there to steal the show every single night. It seems Michael Cole feels the same way. He’s been so impressed with me that he’s let me choose my opponent at No Mercy. Miz, I’m going to shut you up for good when I steal the show this Sunday at No Mercy!” 

    The crowd pops for Ziggler as Miz looks stunned in the ring. 

    Dolph: “Oh, and one more thing: You guys better go get ready because later tonight, you’ll be in a tag match teaming against me and CM Punk!!!!” 

    Ziggler’s music hits to end the segment as Bryan and Miz look at each other in disbelief. 

    Striker: “Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a huge announcement. These four men will all take part in the two main events on Sunday, but tonight, they’re tag-team partners in our Smackdown Showdown main-event.” 

    Matthews: “Our main event tonight is PPV quality. Michael Cole knows his job’s on the line, but if he keeps making decisions like this, his job will be safe!” 

    The camera cuts backstage as we see Alberto del Rio walking to the curtain to take on the Big Show, next!!

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

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    Big Show makes his way out first to a nice pop, greeting the fans. 

    Matthews: “What a great match tonight set up by our COO. I know Michael Cole won’t like this, but I’d be happy if he came here every week!” 

    Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance as he struts out holding the championship nice and high for all the fans to see. 

    Striker: “This is a HUGE match for the champ. If he wants to gain momentum going into Sunday, he has to find a way to slay the giant!” 

    Alberto walks right up to Big Show and stares right at him and holds the title nice and high to avert Big Show towards the title. As soon as Big Show looks at the gold, Alberto clocks Big Show right in the temple with the title and Big Show hits the floor hard. Alberto starts laying kicks into the head of the Big Show. The referee grabs the title belt, hands it to Tony Chimel and rings the bell as the match officially gets underway. Alberto now jumps up and lands a big knee to the head of Show. Alberto goes for the cover quickly…1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    Striker: “Pretty smart tactics here by Alberto, trying to get a jumpstart on the Big Show.” 

    Alberto’s able to get Show on his knees and begins to unleash quick kicks to the mid-section of Show to take the wind out of him. Alberto bounces off the ropes, hits a big kick to the face of the Big Show here and covers him…1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    Matthews: “Alberto’s really starting to build up a head of steam here, targeting Big Show’s head.” 

    Big Show throws Alberto off of him and reaches his feet. He picks Alberto up and lands a massive headbutt, but holds Alberto so that he doesn’t hit the mat. Alberto looks groggy as he takes another headbutt and falls back onto the ropes. Show tells the crowd to be quiet as he gets ready to hit the slaps on Alberto. He hits a massive slap and the crowd goes crazy; he hits it again and again and again and again. Alberto then hits the mat hard face first. Big Show quickly rolls him over and goes for a cover…1…2…KICK OUT!! 

    Alberto slowly rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Big Show takes a step over the ropes and tries to pick Alberto up by the hair, but Alberto puts his thumb in Show’s eye to stop him. The referee begins counting del Rio out. 1…2…3… Alberto walks over to the announcers table and takes the title and begins to walk away…4…5…6… Big Show quickly hustles over to Alberto and swings him around, Alberto goes to hit Show with the title but Show blocks him! …7…8… They both wrestle with the title back and forth. Show manages to pull the belt from del Rio, but the belt hits him square in the face and knocks him over! …9… Alberto quickly slides into the ring now as the referee counts to 10!!! 

    Winner: Alberto del Rio (Match Time 4:53) 

    The camera cuts to ringside, where we see Big Show, who looks furiously at Alberto. He climbs into the ring, still holding the belt and walks over to Del Rio, who’s stumbling to his feet. From out of nowhere, Alberto hits a low blow on the Big Show, who drops the title. Del Rio then connects with a swinging DDT onto the belt. 

    Del Rio bounces back to his feet, smiling as he sees the Big Show lying motionless. He picks up the title and holds it high as his music sounds. As del Rio looks towards the Titantron, he sees Santino Marella on the ramp. Santino stares down at Alberto. Both men stare each other down as Alberto points at the title and Santino points at the No Mercy sign. 

    Striker: “I can’t wait for this match, Josh. Who’s going to walk out of No Mercy as the Intercontinental Champion? We’ll find out this Sunday!” 

    Matthews: “The action isn’t stopping there! Up next, Christian’s in a no-win situation. No matter what happens in his match, he won’t get to choose the stipulation for his title defense. Find out what happens when Christian and Zack Ryder collide next.”

Match 4: Christian vs. Zack Ryder

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    Christian is in first to huge boos from the crowd. He has the LHC belt on his shoulder, and Heath Slater isn’t with him. He’s still a little beaten up from his match with Richie Steamboat earlier.

    Zack Ryder comes out next to a huge pop! He acknowledges the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. 

    With both superstars ready, this match gets underway. Christian grabs Ryder and hits a DDT to start the match. He follows up with a falling knee to Ryder’s head and then a legdrop. He pulls Ryder up by the hair and Zack tries to land some punches, but Christian is too strong and pushes Ryder away before following up with a fierce clothesline! 

    Ryder gets straight back to his feet, though, and gets a kick to the gut from Christian. He hits another DDT and goes for the cover. 1…2…KICK OUT! Christian goes over to the corner and exposes the steel turnbuckle! 

    Christian grabs Ryder and tries to send him into the exposed turnbuckle, but Ryder fights back. He lands punch after punch, but Christian regains control and sends him into the steel! Ryder looks in tremendous pain now! Ryder falls to the ground, and now, Christian locks in a neck wrench. Ryder flails around trying to grab the ropes. Eventually, he does and the hold is released!

    Christian nails Ryder with two hard punches and then taunts the crowd. He turns around into a kick from Ryder, who manages to get to his feet. He pounds away at the head of Christian and then sends him down with a Russian legsweep! Ryder taunts Christian and bounces off the ropes, connecting with a double legdrop! Ryder waits for Christian to get to his feet now! He finally does, and Ryder tries to go for the Rough Ryder, but misses! Christian turns at Ryder, but Zack avoids any contact and reverses into shoulder tackle! 

    With Christian down, Ryder locks in an STF-type submission, and Christian looks like he could tap! He’s miles away from the ropes! Christian lifts up his hand ready to tap, but wait! Heath Slater slides out from under the ring and pulls Ryder off of Christian. Ryder goes to confront Heath, who backs away.

    With Ryder distracted, Christian gets ready to nail him with a Killswitch from behind! Ryder turns around and Christian sets him up for a Killswitch, but Ryder counters it and throws Christian over the top rope! 

    Heath is angry as Zack taunts both men! He grabs Ryder’s foot and pulls it from underneath him! The referee tells Heath to back off, and he does. Ryder gets back to his feet and taunts them once more as Christian gets himself ready on the apron. As the referee checks on Christian, Heath’s still angry and enters the ring. Just as the referee turns around, Slater nails Ryder in the head with brass knucks! The ref sees Slater with the knucks and rings the bell. This match is over! 

    Winner: Zack Ryder (Match Time: 4:59) 

    After the match, Heath looks shocked. He turns to Christian, who is raging! Heath tries to apologise, but Christian ignores him and walks halfway up the ramp calling for Heath to follow. Zack is up in the ring clutching his head, but celebrating. 

    Matthews: “Well, that match was mostly dominated by Christian, but one move changed it all and Zack was in control!” 

    Striker: “It was Heath Slater who cost him the match, and you can tell Christian isn't happy with him. Wait! Here's Richie Steamboat!” 

    As Richie walks to the top of the ramp, Christian and Heath stop halfway up. Richie has a mic. 

    Richie: “Christian, the stipulation for our match on Sunday, is down to me. Trust me, that’s a good thing, because now, I can pick something really dangerous. It’s the kind of match that’ll make sure neither of us are the same again afterwards. At No Mercy, you’re going to put your Light Heavyweight Championship against me... in an EXTREME RULES match!” 

    Richie drops the mic and smiles. The crowd goes wild as Richie leaves and Christian looks angry. He shoots Heath a menacing look before leaving the arena.

Promo: Hawkins and Reks in the Ring

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    We see a video package recapping the singles matches between the members of these two tag teams over the last several weeks, with Hawkins beating Bourne and Kingston just overcoming Tyler Reks. 

    Matthews: “As we understand it, ladies and gentlemen, Hawkins and Reks are here to issue a statement about their match this Sunday.” 

    Their music hits, and the challengers for the tag-team titles come out to the ring, winding up the crowd on their way. They’ve got so much heat on them that it’s unreal. 

    Hawkins: “You know, all of you people think that we don’t stand a chance this Sunday at No Mercy. That’s fine, honestly, because Tyler and I know that we’re going to be walking out as tag-team champions. We’ve had Air Boom’s number for a few weeks now. Kofi only just beat Tyler two weeks ago, but last week, I showed what’s going to happen this Sunday. I pinned Evan Bourne’s shoulders to the mat 1…2…3!” 

    The crowd boos. 

    Reks: “Kofi got lucky against me. I’m more powerful than him, I’m stronger than him and above all else, I’m just better than him. Do you think it’s a coincidence that we’re No. 1 contenders? It’s not. We took out Los Maestros. We caused so many problems for the Fortunate Americans that Ted DiBiase had to run away to Raw just to get some distance from us. Now, there’s only one team left for us to take out. Believe me, after Sunday, we’re going to destroy Air Boom and walk out as the new WWE Tag-Team Champions!” 

    With that, Air Boom’s music hits and they come out on to the stage. 

    Kofi: “Blah, blah, blah! You know, the way you guys keep talking, it’s like you think you’ve already won these titles! Don’t forget, Reks, that I pinned your ass to the mat 1…2…3 a couple of weeks ago. We also beat three other teams at WrestleMania to keep hold of our titles. We’re the best tag-team here, and we’ll prove it again on Sunday!” 

    Bourne: “Hawkins, you hide behind Reks because he’s a monster. You’re not a team. Reks does all the work and you just hang on to his coat-tail. This Sunday, we’re going to expose you for what you truly are. At No Mercy, I’ll be the one to get the victory for our team and show you that you’ve got no answer when I get Air Bourne!” 

    The crowd pops huge for the tag champs as their music plays and they go backstage, leaving Hawkins and Reks to think about what’s just been said. 

    Matthews: “Looks to me like Air Boom are trying to unsettle their opponents heading in to Sunday Matt. The mind games have begun.” 

    Striker: “Talking doesn’t matter, Josh. Let’s just wait and see who walks out of No Mercy with the tag-team championships!” 

    Matthews: “Coming up next, it’s the in-ring debut of Smackdown’s newest superstar, Ezekiel Jackson, as he goes one-on-one with the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. This should be an intense encounter. We’ll find out how it goes when Smackdown returns.”

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs. Ezekiel Jackson

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    We come back from commercial as Ezekiel Jackson’s music hits and he comes out first. He pounds his chest and storms quickly to the ring. The familiar strains of Kurt Angle’s music hit next, and the Olympic legend comes out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd! His pyros hit as he stares down Big Zeke, taunting him on his way to the ring 

    The match gets underway with Ezekiel hitting an axe-handle on Angle. Jackson follows up with heavy punches and kicks that send Angle to the ground. He carries on the onslaught, but the ref breaks it up. Ezekiel tries a clothesline as Angle gets to his feet, but Angle ducks and then hits a BIG suplex on Ezekiel that makes the crowd explode! Angle taunts Ezekiel and lets the big man get to his feet before he hits him with ANOTHER suplex! Angle takes down his straps. The crowd know what’s coming next! 

    Yes! He locks in the AngleLock! It could be over already for Zeke! Somehow, Ezekiel reaches the ropes! Angle picks up Zeke and throws him into the turnbuckle. He unloads punch after punch and then sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Angle laughs and climbs up as well. 

    Matthews: “What’s Angle got planned here?” 

    Striker: “I don't know, Josh, but this could be big!” 

    Angle hits a few more punches and then...a suplex from the top rope!! Both men crash hard on the mat! 

    Striker: “That was brutal! That will teach Ezekiel for saying he was better than the Olympic legend!” 

    Both men are down and the ref begins a 10 count! Angle is up first at five. He taunts Jackson and waits as Zeke gets to his feet before locking in a headlock! After a few punches, he connects with an armbar and then an armdrag! He kicks away at his head and then unleashes punches before taunting Zeke and celebrating. 

    Striker: “Angle wants to finish this already! He’s fired up!” 

    Angle waits once more as Zeke gets to his feet. He turns round and Angle goes for the AngleSlam, but Zeke squirms out of it and sends Angle flying into the corner. He runs at him and lands some big fists to the head. He pulls Angle out of the corner and hits a clothesline! Zeke now taunts the crowd, and Angle, before locking in a headlock of his own! He holds it in for a while before Angle breaks free! Zeke tries his finisher, but Angle counters it into a suplex! Both men are down. 

    Angle gets up quickly, though, and waits for Zeke to get up! Angle tries the AngleSlam again, but Zeke is too powerful and pushes him away. Zeke lifts up Angle on his shoulders, and it looks like he’s going for the Torture Rack, but Angle slides out of it and connects with the AngleSlam! He follows up with the AngleLock and Ezekiel taps!! 

    Winner: Kurt Angle (Match Time: 6:57) 

    After the match, Angle celebrates and taunts Zeke, who rolls to the outside! He climbs the top rope and celebrates his hard-fought victory, but while his back is turned, Swagger runs in from the crowd! He sneaks into the ring and hits Angle from behind! He hits a huge powerbomb on Angle from the top rope!

    Swagger drags Angle up and connects with a gut-wrench powerbomb before locking in the AnkleLock on Kurt! Kurt is in agony! He reaches the ropes, but it doesn't matter! Swagger keeps the hold held in for a number of minutes before he finally lets go. He raises both hands to the air and taunts Angle as referees and medics run to the ring to check on Angle.

Main Event: Bryan Danielson and the Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk

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    We’re back in the arena as the team of Miz and Danielson make their way to the ring. The team of Punk and Ziggler come out next to a huge reaction from the crowd! 

    Ziggler looks to start the match with Bryan, but he quickly tags out to Miz. Ziggler grabs Miz for a headlock takeover, Miz's shoulders are down for one second, Ziggler holds onto the headlock, Miz pushes him off and tries for a hiptoss, but Ziggler folds him up with a clothesline for a one-count.

    CM Punk tags in and comes off the top with an elbow to the arm and body slams Miz for 1. Punk tags in Ziggler, whips Miz off the ropes and Ziggler launches himself at him with dropkick for another nearfall, which Daniel Bryan breaks up. 

    Ziggler brings Bryan into the ring and wails on him. Bryan escapes, and Miz kicks Ziggler in the face, sending him out the ring. Bryan hits a running dropkick on the floor, and we take our final commercial break of the show. 

    Miz kicks Ziggler in the face when we come back. Ziggler fights out of a chinlock and back body drops Miz to release the hold. He tags CM Punk in, who hits a springboard forearm, a clothesline and his armtrap neckbreaker to Miz. Punk connects with the running high knee in a corner, then gives Miz a bulldog! He body slams him and climbs the turnbuckle, but Danielson distracts him so he kicks him off the apron, then Miz kicks him in the knee for his DDT getting a 2-count. 

    Danielson tags in and drags his knee on Punk's face after hitting kneedrops. He covers…1…2…KICK OUT!!! Danielson then puts him in a surfboard stretch. Punk gives him a chop after breaking the hold, but the champ comes back with a running knee to the gut. He kicks Punk in the back and tags Miz back in, who hits a kneelift and goes for a cover...1…2…KICK OUT!!! Miz puts Punk in a cravate, counters the GTS with a backbreaker, but then Punk counters with a roundhouse kick! Danielson gets the tag, and he holds Punk by the leg to prevent him from making the tag, but Punk tags Ziggler in and Bryan runs away with no one to tag! 

    Ziggler takes him down with a flying elbow and whips him into the corner, where he connects with a clothesline. As Danielson stumbles out of the corner, Ziggler catches him and delivers a powerslam. He calls for the ZigZag, but Bryan tags Miz in. Ziggler chases after him out of and back in the ring, so Miz kicks Ziggler on his way back in. Ziggler pushes him off and hits him with a huge Superkick and covers him…1…2…3! 

    Winners: CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler (Match Time: 9:46) 

    After the match, Danielson grabs his title and skulks back up the ramp as Miz rolls to the outside. Punk climbs the turnbuckle and signals to Danielson that the WWE Title is his, as Ziggler points to Miz, telling him that the same thing is going to happen this Sunday!

Main Event Promo: Contract Signing Between Chris Jericho and John Cena

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    We’re back from commercial as the camera pans to the ring, and we can see that it is set up for a contract signing. Michael Cole is standing next to the table ready to officiate this contract signing. 

    Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen of the WWE Universe, welcome to the first contract signing here on Smackdown under my watch. I would like to thank all of you for your support here tonight on our Smackdown Showdown. What better way to end this extravaganza than by having a contract signing for this Sunday’s match between John Cena and Chris Jericho? (The crowd cheers) 

    First, I would like to bring out the man who has come back to the WWE to elevate Smackdown to new heights. His name…is Chris Jericho!” 

    Jericho’s music hits now, as the crowd is all over him. They’re chanting “YOU SUCK!” and “A$$HOLE!!” at Jericho. He struts down the ramp and shakes Cole’s hand as he enters the ring and sits down. 

    Cole: “Now please welcome his opponent for No Mercy. The one, the only…John Cena!” 

    Cena now makes his way out, and there’s a mixed reaction for him. The crowd seems pretty split 50/50 in terms of hating or loving him. Cena hasn’t taken his eyes off Jericho, and that doesn’t change when he gets in the ring and looks directly at him. 

    Matthews: “Two combustable elements ready to blow at any second here Matt!” 

    Striker: “I know what you mean, Josh. You can just feel the tension in the ring right now.” 

    Cole: “OK guys; let’s not end this like every other contract signing and save the physicality until Sunday. Just sign the contracts and we can get outta here.” 

    Cena grabs the contract and signs it straight away, without any hint of hesitation. 

    Jericho: “Whoa, slow down there, John-Boy. You’re so eager to just get into this match on Sunday, aren’t you? You haven’t even considered the fact that you have no chance in hell of winning. For the last three weeks, I’ve beaten the holy hell out of you. I’m Chris Jericho. That means that I’m the best in the world at everything I do. I’m back in the WWE and I’m ready to take what is mine. Unfortunately for you, you’ve gotten in my way.” 

    Cena: “Eager’s not the word I’d use Chris. I’d say more like bloodthirsty or angry. You see, you’ve made a really stupid mistake Jericho. You’ve pissed me off. You messed with the wrong guy, Chris. Ever since you came back, you’ve run your mouth about how you’re the best in the world, but all you’ve actually done is cheap-shot people. 

    See, The Rock and I have both felt what you can do with a chair. On Sunday, though, I'm going to see you coming and I'm going to be able to retaliate. For the last three weeks, I had to watch you stand over me, but not on Sunday. At No Mercy, my hand will be raised and I’ll have run through you to get what’s mine, the WWE Championship. 

    I’m the best asset the WWE has. Why do you think Smackdown is way ahead of Raw since I left there? It’s obvious. I bring the fans, the money and the ratings. That’s why I’m the franchise. They say nobody’s bigger than the WWE. Well, guess what, Chris? I am. You can go away and play Guitar Hero or Just Dance, or whatever the hell it is you’re doing that week, but one thing doesn’t change. I stay here every week and take the company to new heights.

    You think you’re the best in the world? If that’s true, then how come you’ve never beaten me in a big one-on-one match, huh? Remember when I got your ass fired a few years ago? Remember that. That’s gonna seem like nothing compared to the ass-kicking you’re gonna get this Sunday!” 

    Jericho: “You really want to prove that? Huh, do you? Here’s your damn signature Cole!” 

    Jericho signs the contract, throws it at Cena and jumps over the table to attack him. He knocks Cena down and continues throwing lefts and rights. Cena is able to fight back as they go back and forth now and Michael Cole jumps out of the ring. 

    Striker: “Well, it didn’t take long for these two bulls to butt horns.” 

    Jericho gives a thumb to the eye and sets Cena up for a Codebreaker, but Cena catches him and powerbombs him through the table! Jericho now lays motionless amongst the remains of the broken table as Cena throws the contract down on top of him and leaves the ring, the camera looks at Jericho amongst the broken table and chairs as the show closes. 

    Matthews: “If that’s any indication of what this Sunday is going to be like, you can’t afford to miss it! Don’t forget to join for our No Mercy, where titles will be defended and grudges will be settled, all live, on pay-per-view!”


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    Folks, let’s recap the results of the matches on this edition of Smackdown. 

    1. Singles Match: Santino Marella def. Trent Barreta

    2. Singles Match: Richie Steamboat def. Heath Slater

    3. Singles Match: Alberto del Rio def. Big Show

    4. Singles Match: Zack Ryder def. Christian

    5. Singles Match: Kurt Angle def. Ezekiel Jackson

    6. Tag-Team Match: CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler def. Bryan Danielson and The Miz

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