Stoned Athletes: Are You One?

Jay KaneContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

The most celebrated Olympic swimmer in history, stoned! Does this really bother anyone? I can't believe the Olympic committee deems marijuana to be a performance enhancement drug. When did power-eating hot dogs become an Olympic sport?

I understand we all want our athletes to be role models and lead a perfect life while the rest of us get to hit the bong, but guess what? They are human too and if anyone had the right to hit the bong recently it's Michael Phelps.

And if we truly want our athletes to be role models then why do people wait for these moments to click a picture and why do they get published?

The word is called jealousy! Some of us are just too jealous and we have to prove to the whole world that their hero is less than perfect.

Give me a break!

Michael did what we all do, he celebrated a great moment in his life. Is society going to ruin his life because of this while also celebrating Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's home run record?


I would have had a lot more respect for Barry Bonds had he just walked away from baseball one home run short of Aaron's record.

Steroids in sports, who would of thought! I am only amazed how long it took to become public knowledge. It's only because in the old days things like honor and respect meant something. Today, people miss simple common courtesies and even common sense in some cases.

That's what makes golf such a refreshing sport, where the athletes call penalties on themselves even when the camera fails to catch the error. A true game of honor and etiquette.

Does this mean that PGA tour players don't hit the bong from time to time?

I hope not! I know I can smell the weed burning at the golf courses where I play. From time to time, that is.