CFL Expansion in the U.S.?

Brad JamesCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

It is at this point, a tempest in a teapot, but perhaps Oronde Gadsden has a good idea.

Gadsden, the former Miami Dolphins standout, has suggested that the Canadian Football League would be wise to consider expansion into the U.S., once again.

Of course, as many online historians have noted, the CFL's last foray into the lower 48 was horrendous as only the Baltimore Stallions had reasonable success and millions of dollars were lost.

However, there can be no doubt that Gadsden's suggestions: Detroit and Rochester are good ideas.

In all honesty, I'll admit that I love the NFL more than any form of football, but the CFL is probably second best.

Many people don't know this but had the Arizona Cardinals managed to upset Pittsburgh, it would have meant that both the CFL and NFL champions call the Mountain Time Zone home (I find it curious that as a Utahn, I have to change my clock if I go to Ely, Nev., but not Calgary).

I will admit that as I've traveled around the U.S., it isn't too uncommon to see people wearing Toronto Argonauts or Edmonton Eskimos apparel and the Grey Cup did appear on Versus last November.

Therefore, people are willing to watch, at least in moderation.

Of course, it's ridiculous for the CFL to replicate what happened previously, as I doubt that San Antonio and Las Vegas are good places for expansion to transpire.

However, Detroit makes perfect sense, as does a franchise in western New York or even Seattle.

If the Mariners continue to suck, I fully expect Seattleites to support a squad that can be successful and create a nice segue to the Seahawks' season.

As of yet, it is but a dream, but it's just what the American football fan needs: another distraction from the season-long exhibition that is Division I-A college football.