Why the Phillies Should Sign Manny Ramirez

Cj LeeCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

Alright, yes he has some character issues. Sure, a lot of teams are not biting on signing him for his talents. Has he done this to himself, absolutely!

One would think that this is a learning experience for him. I mean come on, he should of known better when Barry Bonds wasn't offered a contract because of the mess he is currently in. Now if every team in baseball can resist adding the greatest player of all time statistically (steroids or not), then why not you Manny?

This only shows that no one is bigger than the sport of baseball!

Enough is enough, and I'm starting to feel bad for the guy. Now before passing judgement, here me out and feel free to comment and vote!

Charlie Manuel, the beloved manager of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies, used to manage this guy. In the minors and at the major league level. He knows Manny's strength and weaknesses. Perfect example is how well the Phillies pitched against him in the playoffs. They didn't walk him; they went after him and kept the ball low and outside.

Manny does look at Charlie as a father figure and respects his advice and wisdom, especially Charlie's knowledge of the game. So, I ask, why not bring these two back together again and make the Phillies the most feared team in all of baseball (that's including the Yankees and Red Sox)?

Sure, the Phillies just let Pat Burrell walk and signed Raul Ibanez. Neither one is or close to the player Manny Ramirez is. You can easily trade Ibanez in a package for whomever and clear the left field spot for Manny. No disrespect to Ibanez, but if there was a chance...you'd have to go!

Just imagine Philadelphia fans or just those being curious about this article of a lineup looking like this:

SS- Jimmy Rollins

CF- Shane Victorino

2B- Chase Utley

LF- Manny Ramirez

1B- Ryan Howard

RF- Jason Werth/Raul Ibanez

3B- Perdo Feliz/Gregg Dobbs

C- Carlos Ruiz

Sure, he would cost a lot...but would be well worth it. Be smart, make sure there are clauses for if he were to mess up. The team could release him from his contract, no questions asked!

He carried the Dodgers in the playoffs, he is the most clutch hitter in baseball, and even though the Phillies don't need him. He would be a great addition to a team looking to build on another championships.

Not sure if anyone watched "Meet The Phillies" on Comcast Sports Net. Every Phillies player that was shown is not satisfied with just winning a championship; they want more. They definitely want to repeat as World Champions, but build a dynasty like the Yankees and Red Sox.

I say why not? Alright, if the Phillies were to sign Manny, there would be an instant buzz in Philadelphia, regardless if you agreed with the signing or not. Not only that, you can guarantee a sellout for almost every game.

With the revenue coming in, it should pay for itself. Not only that, say you sign him to three years, once he is done with this contract. He will more than likely be done with baseball. Use the money that free's up to sign Howard to a long term deal when his arbitration years are done.

I know, it's a lot of money and yes we can repeat as champs even without Manny's help. BUT, with Manny...just imagine, will you please?