Age of Sports

Jay KaneContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

During my lifetime, I have seen some great sport teams in Boston and some very bad ones. There have been some historical moments and some legendary athletes.  The best thing of all is I have learned to do it in Boston.

From watching Carlton Fisk hit that home run in Game Six to Bill Buckner's blunder.  Wow! My heart just dropped again thinking about it. And let's not forget the "Let Manny be Manny" years, but let's also not forget that the Manny years brought us a Championship after all those years. 

But those years are in the past and it's full steam ahead with guys like Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester.  Not to be forgotten are players like Cy Young, Jimmy Fox, Ted Williams, Carl Yastremski, Jim Rice and so many more. 

And Congratulations Mr. Rice for finally making it to the Hall of Fame. I started with the Red Sox in this article because most New Englanders eat, drink and breathe 'Red Sox'. Red Sox Nation has been around for about 10 years or so but for most of us Red Sox nation has lived since Babe Ruth was traded... for what?

Football has always been my first true passion in sports. And along with that passion came gambling, fantasy football, Super Bowl parties, squares, prop bets and so much more. We all love that feeling of laying a C-Note on the winning team.

Unfortunately most of us are always on the losing side, then need to get it back!  What the hell?  It's just a form of entertainment right? 

The true key to gambling successfully is to pick your spots. Don't gamble every Sunday just cause it's Sunday or Monday night.  And look for certain patterns that improve your chances greatly. 

For instance, let's bring hoops into the conversation, when a team is on a seven game or more road trip and the last game is the second game in consecutive nights, that team fails to cover about 88 percent of the time.

The most memorable events in sports that I remember...Well, Muhammad Ali floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee was an incredible experience.  Just listening to him trash talk was a very entertaining experience.  The 1980 Olympic Hockey Team was truly a mesmerizing and magical moment in time. 

The only time since then were I have seen more American flags displayed, was after 9/11. A truly amazing moment in sports, but I was also amazed by Wayne Gretzky, but missed watching Bobby Orr. 

Witnessed Bo Jackson run with a football but missed Jim Brown.  Watched Michael Jordan but missed Bill Russell, every generation has their greats and everyone has their favorites and most of us don't play the odds, we gamble with our hearts. 

But life goes on and so will the Age of Sports, and I didn't even get to mention Tiger, Jack, and Golf!