My Apologies to Mo Williams

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

We are halfway into the NBA season and the Cleveland Cavaliers have really come around and shattered my preseason doubts.

A few months ago, I stated in a Bleacher Report piece that LeBron James would come up short again this season because of his lack of help from teammates. One of those teammates is point guard Mo Williams.

When Williams arrived in Cleveland, he was an accomplished scorer for a subpar team—the Milwaukee Bucks It gave me a good reason to doubt him.

In Cleveland, he would be playing in games that were not blowouts and his 17 points per game that he averaged his final year in Milwaukee would not be coming from garbage minutes in those types of games.

Thus I made a prediction that he would not be able to put the Cavaliers over the top. Now the Cavs sit on top of the Eastern Conference one week before the All-Star break. One of the biggest reasons has been the addition of Williams.

After seeing his 43-point, 11 assist and 8 rebound performance against the Sacramento Kings on January 27, I was left feeling extremely foolish.

So I apologize Mo Williams for being a doubter, and barring some catastrophic injury to LeBron this season, the Cavs with the help of Williams are looking set to win the Central Division and go deep into the playoffs.

Although many of Williams’ stats have actually dropped since making the move to Cleveland, his impact on the team has been extremely noticeable. He has taken a lot of the attention off of LeBron as they have to respect Williams, who is roughly a 40 percent three-point shooter.

That type of player is something James and the Cavs didn’t have last season, which made the team more one-dimensional. Now with an accomplished scorer, James is able to shoot and play less, which will keep him more rested come playoff time.

The Cavs have had a few injuries lately but still have managed to stay on top of the Eastern Conference.

As much as I hate to say it, the Cavs are benefiting from Delonte West being on the team, and his presence has been missed during his injury. That shows that the Cavs have improved their bench to be able to step in and not miss a beat.

With all that being said, I am becoming more convinced that this might be LeBron’s year to win an NBA championship. Again, barring some serious injury to King James, I am picking the Cavs to represent the Eastern Conference in this year’s NBA Finals.