Return Of The Chamber: Part II, SmackDown's Rising Up...

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

The Return of the Chamber: Part II

On my last article, I broke down Raw’s Chamber and I asked to all how in the Blue Hell SmackDown could possibly match to that. “That” of course has the despiseable roster of Mike Knox, John Cena (nuff said there), the unprepared Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho (we need to be saved from PG), Rey Mysterio and Kane (finally, someone demonic). SmackDown’s though, has only four men at the moment. Take a look…

-Triple H returns. What would an Elimination Chamber be without the Game? He’s been in just about every one of them, and has won half of them himself (2003, 2005, and 2008). He still has the charisma he had five years ago in his prime (although the great thought of it is he’s still in his prime), is probably the most exciting to watch on the SmackDown roster, and is the person that will save this match.

Although some wish he would win, don’t expect Hunter to walk away this time. It would be too predictable to watch him walk away with his fourth Chamber, and it seems like WWE is taking H out of the Title picture for a while to feud with Edge, Kozlov, and sometimes Jeff Hardy.

-Edge, the Rated-R Superstar, is undeniably still King of WWE right now. His in-ring skills are good, but it’s his charisma that makes him who he is. Although many say Orton’s at the top, Edge is just beginning his prime, and already has six (right now, seven) World titles on his expanding résumé.

Two relationships (same as Triple H), Rated-RKO, one successful stable (you could argue), E&C, TLC, and many other achievements make Edge still stand in the range where HBK, Triple H, and The Rock (maybe) all stood in their prime.

-Big Show is still popular by the WWE fans. He still gets the pop when he’s a face, and can attract real good heat as a heel. Although he can’t do the dropkick he used to do in 2000, he still can make a good match because of his in-ring charisma.

He can sell (or no-sell) real well, almost as good as Goldberg did (no-selling, of course) in his prime. He still is a good addition to the Chamber, especially for SD!’s case for Dominant Brand of WWE.

-Jeff Hardy is just perfect for this match. Although WWE’s picturing Triple H as the King of the Chamber, Hardy can easily make a memorable spot by going right on top of the glass chamber and hit a leg drop or Swanton on whoever comes in his way.

He also is one of the best sellers of the WWE, and has a great moveset for this type of match.

Now, there are still two spots open. Many could guess who they could go to; some could even go as far as going on CSW (Christian Status Watch) and waiting for the Instant Classic to return in the Chamber. But say Instanto (my new short name for him) gets in. What happens next?

The sixth spot would most likely go to Vladimir Kozlov, but as always, MVP and Shelton Benjamin are always in the running. We don’t know what comes next, so I keep my big mouth shut (just this once).

P.S. I probably won't get to comments until Sunday, because I don't have Wi-Fi in my hotel. But, HBK/JBL will be published Sunday, and I hope everyone can read this or even that when it comes out.