Top 5 Players Missing out on Euro 2012 Due to Injury

Mayesha KhondokerCorrespondent IJune 1, 2012

Top 5 Players Missing out on Euro 2012 Due to Injury

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    Injury is a sportsman's worst enemy and, at such an important time in their career, an injury can be heartbreaking.

    Footballers, managers, fans and viewers will all feel the loss of these five important faces in the world of football. Many have scored the winning goals, made the important tackles and created the flow of the game that won their national team the nail-biting matches. 

    Some teams will feel their absence as rivals will view the injury as a sign of hope. If football was a fairytale and the players were the knights, then the trophy would be the damsel in distress, and injury would be the villain of the story.

    Let's see who are the top five players set to bow out of the Euro 2012 tournament. 

1. Carles Puyol

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    The Blaugrana captain and the Spanish brick, Carles Puyol is set to miss out of the European Championship due to a surgery to recover an injury attained last month. Puyol has determined that the surgery was necessary in order to prolong his club career, one that he views as prior importance.

    However with the form of Pique, Javi Martinez, Sergio Ramos and Raul Albiol, Spain has enough talent to mask the pain of Puyol's absence. 

2. David Villa

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    Spain's all-time leading scorer, David Villa, had an awful season, as an injury attained during the club's World Club Cup championship ruled him out of the rest of the season.

    Villa's recovery however was inspired by the hopes of playing for Spain at the Euros. Barcelona allowed the player to take enough time to do physiotherapy and training needed to appear for his national team.

    However, Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque viewed the player as too risky to include in the Spanish side, especially as other options such as Negredo is in deserving form. Therefore Villa faces his first bow out from an international tournament. 

3. Frank Lampard

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    The most disappointing injuries are the ones gained during training sessions; Frank Lampard had to face just that.

    The England midfielder was ruled out of Euro 2012 after their medical team scanned his thigh and determined there was a significant injury, which will make it impossible for Chelsea's second-hand man to bow out of the Euros.

    English fans will be disappointed as the Champions League winner had a fantastic season and had been in form. 

4. Yoann Gourcuff

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    France coach Laurent Blanc decided not to include Yoann Gourcuff in France's Euro 2012 squad as the midfielder's ankle injury is seen as too much of a risk.

    "Concerning Yoann Gourcuff, I heard people say that it was a bet," said Blanc, according to Yahoo! Sports. "We're not here to try to bet. Unfortunately after a new ankle injury there was too much uncertainty concerning him."

    Gourcuff picked up the injury last Sunday during France's 3-2 friendly against Iceland.

5. Gareth Barry

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    The abdomen injury that Barry suffered in May will rule the Manchester City midfielder out of the European Championship this June.

    Barry is the second experienced midfielder to be ruled out of the English squad, and now Roy Hodgson faces a challenge to bring in steady replacements for the two.

    Their absence will be felt as Liverpool's Steven Gerard and Tottenham's Scott Parker will have a more responsible role in the team.  

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