Are Sports Becoming Too Politically Correct?

Samantha CookeCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

Suspensions and swearing: Are sports becoming too politically correct?

Recently, a picture of Michael Phelps came out that has him smoking from a marijuana pipe. Phelps is a 23-year-old swimmer who has worked out his whole life.

After winning eight gold medals, Phelps wanted to experiment and celebrate his life a little. He apologized after the pictures came out.

What college student or recent college graduate hasn't experimented to some extent? That is a part of life and a part of growing up.

Now, Phelps has been suspended for three months and Kellogg dropped Phelps from their sponsorship.

Does Michael Phelps deserve this kind of punishment?

He has never taken steroids or other illegal substances up until these pictures came out. He fought a clean battle in the swimming world.

Why does he have to pay such a big punishment for such a small crime? It's not like it's a picture of Phelps holding a gun to someone's head or beating someone up.

Michael Phelps is doing something that lots of kids and teenagers do. Heck, it's even legal in some states for medical purposes.

Does Michael Phelps deserve to be punished? Yes. 

Does he deserve to be suspended for three months and dropped from a sponsorship? No.

Does everyone forget what Phelps did for the sport of swimming and the heart of a nation this summer? He became the first person to win eight gold medals! Eight!!

Give the guy a break! He's a young adult. America needs to relax with young adults today. Does the older generation not remember being young?

Swearing has also become a huge problem in sports according to critics. Swearing and marijuana—what is this world coming to?

Relax people, it's just young adults and teenagers having fun and doing the same stuff you all did when you were younger.

I regularly attend University of Michigan hockey games. They have a chant that has long been frowned upon. Without using the swear words, I will try and get you to understand what it says.

When an opponent gets a penalty, the student section chants,"See ya! Blockhead, nickname for Richard, coward, feminine hygiene bathing product, jab, cozener, female dog, prostitute, hussy, rooster-lollipop."

Yes, this is an obscene cheer, but that's part of the game. That's part of life. How many parents haven't sworn once or twice in front of their kids?

If you don't want your child exposed to swearing or yelling, don't bring them to a sporting event.

Citizens of the United States are supposed to be free and have certain rights. While the freedom of speech does not necessarily mean swearing, people need to lighten up.

Michael Phelps and other young adults need to be cut a little slack. Phelps has done so much for the U.S. and swimming. As for the college students, they are the future of America.

Young adults will eventually learn how to be adults, but that is the point: they haven't grown up yet. If you don't want your child exposed, don't expose your child. 

If you bring your kid to a sporting event, use it as a learning experience to teach your kid(s) right and wrong. Don't punish the youth of America because you have issues.

Sports are becoming too politically correct. Let sports be entertainment. That is the purpose of sports.