The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale: Charles Oliveira Will Submit Jonathon Brookins

Alexander MetalisContributor IIIMay 31, 2012

Meet the Kraken
Meet the Kraken

Charles Oliveira may have a baby face, but don’t let that deceive you—Do Bronx possesses killer instincts and a potent arsenal of talents.

Against larger men, the young Brazilian fought admirably in the UFC’s lightweight division. Wielding smooth striking technique and an active ground game, the boy from the slums garnered a reputation as a future contender. His losses against studs Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone haven’t dispelled that notion.

Now contending as a featherweight, his natural weight class, expect Oliveira’s defeats to be fewer. However, Jonathan Brookins will provide a stiff test for Oliveira on Friday.

Jonathan Brookins brings strong wrestling and toughness to the Octagon. The TUF veteran may be able to plant Do Bronx on the mat, but controlling the young cannon on the ground will be a tougher task.

My take: Do Bronx will stalk Brookins and pepper him with strikes. Upon leaking blood from Oliveira’s barrage, Brookins will tactically plant Oliveira on the canvas and attempt to neutralize his impetuous guard.

Don’t expect Brookins to quell the newly-appointed black belt. Expect Brookins to have a limb hyper-extended by the Brazilian dynamo.


Because diving into Oliveira’s guard is like playing with the tentacles of a grumpy Kraken. Eric Wisely, unwisely enough, played with the Kraken and left his bout with Oliveira writhing in agony.

Charles pulled off the first reverse calf-slicer in UFC history against Wisely, an anomalous feat that baffled Joe Rogan.


Oliveira also showcased his perilous guard against Nik Lentz, a seasoned wrestler himself, among others.

Oliveira’s perpetual activity from bottom positions separates him from fellow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners like Vagner Rocha, who Brookins recently vanquished. Oliveira doesn’t relent; he doesn’t allow his foe a chance to take a break.

So Charles Oliveira has more weapons on the feet than Brookins. If Brookins can’t handle the heat of a striking match, he’ll be sunk by Oliveira’s intense ground game.

Coming in at a cheap -200 on sports book, a great value can be had on the future star Oliveira.