Will the Real Raymar Morgan Please Stand Up?

Tony MeyerAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2009

It's been somewhat of a roller coaster season for the MSU hoops squad.  While there have been some impressive wins (Texas and Kansas), there have also been some head scratching losses along the way (see Northwestern or Penn State at the Bres).   

Traditionally, Spartan basketball under Tom Izzo has been predicated on defense, rebounding, and consistency. When Izzo gets a prized recruit, he doesn't rest until he gets everything out of the said recruit on the basketball court.  

Enter Raymar Morgan into the equation.

Next to Kelvin Torbert, I don't think there has been a player in this regime who has done less with the immense talent he possesses. Don't believe me?  Let's look at the numbers:

-In MSU's 18 wins: 13.6 ppg, 6.9 rpg, 4 double-doubles, 26.5 minutes per game, and 2.1 fouls per game.

In MSU's 4 losses: 6.5 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 0 double-doubles, 16.25 minutes per game, and 3.3 fouls per game.

Take away the 21 he scored in the North Carolina debacle and the numbers look even worse.  

Why is this the case?  How can someone with this much talent be such a non-factor on some nights? I have a few ideas:

-He is no longer the No. 1 option.

-This team is much more balanced and deep than last year.

-He doesn't run the floor as well as Durrell Summers.

-They are becoming more of a jump-shooting team than a "points in the paint" team.

-He needs to learn how to catch the ball and make a move without traveling.

-Lastly, he doesn't stay on the court long enough on some nights to be a factor.

While others have emerged this year, such as Summers and Roe, it is no big secret that if another Final Four run is in the cards, Raymar needs to produce.  If he doesn't, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that Izzo will commit a murder.

 I know it sounds weird, but let's keep our eyes open for anything suspicious. I mean, have you seen Izzo's face when Raymar does something stupid? Not a pretty sight...

So, Raymar, it's just you and me talking right now.  I have something I really need to tell you...

Please, for the love of Christmas, be the player we all know you can be.  This team has the ability to make a deep run or get bounced in the second round.  It really all depends on your desire to take this team on your back and impose your will on the competition.

Penn State and Northwestern should not be coming into your home floor and embarrassing you.  North Carolina, no matter how good they potentially are, should not be making the trip to Detroit and waxing the floor with your recently trimmed dreads.  It just shouldn't happen, and you shouldn't let it happen.

The numbers don't lie, sir.  I miss the old Raymar and I would really like for him to come out and play sometime.  You are too good to disappear like you have been lately.  

Just remember Raymar, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the situation.  Hopefully, we can "make up" officially when you are holding that championship trophy.  

We both know that "One Shining Moment" is our song.


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