Could Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez Be Teammates Once Again?

Aaron SchimpfContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

Sixteen years ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers traded Pedro Martinez to the Montreal Expos, a move they most likely wish they never would have made. It’s no surprise to us baseball fans that this year’s offseason could be considered the most epic of all time, and the first time both Pedro and Manny are simultaneously looking for new contracts.

The Dodgers have made three offers to Manny Ramirez over the past four months, all of which the slugger has rejected. Reports earlier this week make it clear that Manny wants more than a three-year deal and a long term commitment, a task that will be tough to accomplish by Manny’s agent Scott Boras in today’s troublesome economy.

The Dodgers however, have not given up on their 2008 season gem, as Dodgers GM Frank McCourt is keeping conversations tight with Manny and his agent. There is no question about it though, the Dodgers WANT Manny and Manny NEEDS the Dodgers.

In an article written by’s Jon Heyman, Heyman expresses why Pedro Martinez would actually be a fantastic acquisition for the Dodgers club. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has told news reporters earlier this week that the Dodgers are indeed targeting another pitcher to add to the starting rotation.

After losing Derek Lowe the Dodgers are in desperate need of a veteran pitcher for the “pen”. With Oliver Perez, Freddy Garcia and Tim Redding, all off the radar and signing with the Mets, Pedro seems like a great candidate to play in Los Angeles. Will Manny and Pedro reunite? It could all be falling into place over the next few days.


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