Floyd Mayweather Jr. Begins His 87-Day Jail Sentence Tomorrow

Vitali SCorrespondent IMay 31, 2012

Clark County Detention Center: typical jail cell
Clark County Detention Center: typical jail cell

Tomorrow, the man—who has proven himself in the ring dozens of times and has recently showed us that he can take the fight to the other guy against Miguel Cotto—will begin his 87-day jail term sentence at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tomorrow morning, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have to take a ride in his Bentley to the county jail and sleep inside his tiny jail cell instead of his enormous mansion. This will be a totally new experience for the boxing sensation, and the result of this sentence may vary according to different people.

Being alone in a very small and confined space can sometimes have very serious mental side effects on a person, severely damaging their confidence amongst many other things.

The main question that boxing fans are pondering is what will this sentence do to Mayweather Jr.’s future boxing career? After Floyd is released, will there even be a career to continue? Will the fight with Pacquiao still be on the table for the future? Will Floyd’s boxing abilities diminish due to his incarceration?

Just the thought of this being a possibility is very uncomfortable, as losing Floyd now would be nothing short of a tragedy for the current state of boxing as a sport.

Many people say that maybe he will change and become a better person; a good man. The question is, was he ever a bad person? Media can be cruel; lies are spun like a web on a daily basis by unreliable sources, and people get sucked into believing those lies simply because it spells drama which in turn guarantees entertainment.

In reality, Floyd was never a bad person. He has always involved himself in numerous charities and fundraisers and rarely got into any kind of serious trouble. Stirring up drama for the sake of promoting a fight should, of course, not count. Thus, in my opinion, this jail sentence will have minimal to no effect on his personality.

More importantly, what will come of his boxing career? I truly believe that absolutely nothing will be impacted by his doing time. Floyd is not an average boxer. He is genetically and mentally an anomaly. His exercise routines are unmatched, and his dedication to the fight is simply phenomenal. He will come out of that jail ready to do his thing on the very same day.

The momentum of a Pacquiao bout will remain the same no matter what trouble either fighter gets in. Even if both men lose a fight, they will still sell out and break all financial records if their fight ever comes to fruition.

One thing to remember is that the likelihood of Mayweather Jr. actually serving the full term is slim to none. With good behavior, I bet he will be out of there in a matter of two months.