How Will Lane Kiffin's Mouth Affect Tennessee's Record in His First Season?

Robert MatthewsContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

Ahh, the SEC, the home of some of the most storied programs in football history. Home to some of the greatest coaches of all time. Neyland, Vaught, Shug, and that guy who wrestled with a Bear—can't ever remember his name.

Then you got the guys who have made their names in the SEC who are among the best today: Gene, Steve, Phil, Tommy, Nick, Urban.

And then you got Lane Kiffin. Such a breath of fresh air. Comes in and opens his mouth expecting to have the SEC figured out in two months and a few days. Inheriting a well below average Tennessee team, you might wanna keep your mouth shut. However, good ol' Lane just couldn't help himself.

Within two months, Lane has managed to piss off Steve, one of the best coaches in the last 30 years in my opinion; Nick, the guy who had a national title in some three years at LSU and took Alabama to a 12-2 season his second year there; and finally Urban, who apparently missed The World's Largest Cocktail Party That's Not a Cocktail Party last year.

This is about Lane's chances for the 2009 season. Sure he will probably beat Western Kentucky. UCLA might be possible. Then Lane Kiffin is probably gonna wish he had kept his mouth shut. You see, he managed to really piss off Urban Meyer by calling him a cheater and only made himself look like an idiot.

On Sept. 19, 2009, Lane gets to visit this place called the Swamp. Maybe the Gators will leave his head attached so he can think about where he went wrong.

Next up is Ohio—who cares? Then good ol' Auburn; at least Gene has more or less kept his mouth shut and done his job. Ahh, a question mark. Georgia without Stafford and Moreno could go either way—I'm still saying LOSE.

By this point Lane may have realized his mistake, but if not, odds are the 92,000 screaming, crimson-wearing, possibly intoxicated fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium will help him. Your defensive guy just pissed off Nick. I see Ingram up the middle a lot, Richardson up the middle, and your Linebackers coach saying DAMN, they weren't this fast when I was last here.

South Carolina, bad news. If Steve finds a QB, your dad has to plan for one of the best offensive coaches in the game.

Memphis who?

Ahh, Ole Miss. Hope the ride down is fun, 'cause I bet the ride back won't be. Watch the Cotton Bowl on TiVo.

Vandy. We know they are smarter than Lane. It's Vandy; they're smart. Possibly you can pull it off.

Kentucky. Wasn't a horrible team last year. Lose.

My prediction on account of Lane's open mouth: Maybe 4-8?