Floyd Mayweather to Jail: What Will Money May Do Before Turning Himself In?

Mick Akers@@mickakersAnalyst IMay 31, 2012

Floyd Mayweather to Jail: What Will Money May Do Before Turning Himself In?

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    Tomorrow is June 1, the day that pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. is supposed to turn himself in to serve his 87-day jail sentence.

    This made me wonder; what will "Money May" do in his final hours of freedom before the next three months?

    Being Mayweather, he has the resources to do just about anything he wants in the next 24 hours. Therefore, it's just a matter of trimming down a limitless list of activities to do before he lives a life of solitary confinement for his "summer vacation."

    Here are four things that Mayweather might be doing on his final day of freedom until August 28, when his 87 days in the Clark County Detention Center are scheduled to come to an end.

1. Making Futures Bets

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    One thing that fans of Floyd Mayweather know is that he isn't afraid to drop insane amounts of money at a sports book on bets on a regular basis.

    Mayweather, being the gambler that he is, could be placing some futures bets on events that are scheduled down the line to ensure he gets the opportunity to make some money while sitting in the clinker.

    With a few good fights and the NBA Finals on the horizon, there are a few different ways he can choose to bet and satisfy his gambling habit before being away from the sports book for the next few months.

2. Hanging out with 50 Cent

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    Floyd Mayweather is seen with rapper 50 Cent more times than not, so the probability of the two hanging out on his final day of freedom until late August is highly likely.

    The two could choose to fly out to Oklahoma City and catch Game 3 of the NBA's Western Conference Finals, cruise down the Las Vegas Strip in one of Mayweather's many luxury vehicles or even record a new track that 50 can put out while "Money May" is away.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The dynamic duo could do just about whatever they put their minds and their immense wealth to, as long as they stay away from betting each other.

3. Spending Quality Time with Ms. Jackson

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    Spending some quality time with his smoking-hot girlfriend Shantel Jackson would not be a bad way for Floyd Mayweather to spend the last day of freedom before the next 87 days.

    Whether that is jet-setting to a beach and enjoying a nice day beach-side, living the VIP life in his hometown of Las Vegas or just having some alone time back at Mayweather's massive home; any time spent with her will be time well spent.

    Mayweather would be wise to absorb all the "Miss Jackson" he can before tomorrow, as 87 days away from her—spent mostly alone in a tiny, unflattering jail cell—could be the worst part of his sentence.

4. Planning a Manny Pacquiao Fight Upon His Release

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    Floyd Mayweather could be sitting around with his advisors, conjuring up a plan to make the fight that the world wants to see against fellow pound-for-pound great Manny Pacquiao.

    This may be a little far fetched, but hey, who knows? Maybe all of Mayweather's basic freedoms being taken away will change his tone in negotiating the super fight against Pacquiao that everyone wants to see.

    With Mayweather taking an unrealistic stance on trying to give Pacquiao a straight-up $40 million, maybe his jail stint will humble him just enough to accept a fair 50/50 split or Bob Arum's proposed 45/45 split with the winner getting the remaining 10 percent.