2012 NBA Draft Order: 3 Top 10 Teams Guaranteed to Blow the Pick

Ben Shapiro@benshapironyc1 Analyst IIIMay 31, 2012

2012 NBA Draft Order: 3 Top 10 Teams Guaranteed to Blow the Pick

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    Everyone knows that drafting professional athletes is not an exact science. 

    Despite the uncertainties that go into drafting a player, however, there are a few trends.

    Some teams just seem to nail their picks with a little more frequency than others. A bad pick doesn't always mean a bad player was picked. Sometimes a player will struggle in one system and excel in another. 

    Other times young players are simply not mature enough to attain a level of consistency that is high enough to satisfy NBA coaches and general managers.

    Imagine if Andrew Bynum had landed on a team where he was needed to excel immediately? What if the Celtics were able to be more patient with Gerald Green? 

    With the 2012 NBA draft order set, the top picks are now known. We know that some teams will mess up what could have been a great pick.

    Let's face it; some teams are just better at nailing high draft picks than others are.

    Which teams picking in the top 10 will butcher their pick?

Washington Wizards: No. 3 Pick

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    The good news is that the Washington Wizards have a high draft pick. The bad news is that it's not the first time they've had that. 

    In fact, the Wizards seem to have a high draft pick every year. Since the year 2000, the Wizards have had a pick in the top 10 five times. One would think there would be a roster full of stars with that many top picks. 

    Think again. 

    The Wizards have picked Jan Vesely at No. 6 in 2011. They nabbed John Wall at No. 1 overall in 2010.

    Devin Harris went fifth in 2004, Jarvis Hayes was picked 10th in 2003 and of course Kwame Brown was chosen No. 1 overall in 2001. Not exactly a group of NBA superstars. 

    This season the Wizards pick third. The pick has tons of potential. Bradley Beal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes or Thomas Robinson could be selected. 

    Don't be shocked if the player selected by the Wizards is the one that underperforms once the 2012-2013 NBA season tips off.

Portland Trail Blazers: No. 6 Pick

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    The 2012 NBA draft offers up what has traditionally been a very toxic combination:

    The Portland Trail Blazers have a high draft pick.

    There's a big man with a lot of potential available.

    There's a chance that Portland will select that big man. 

    In fact, it's not as if the Blazers have some sort of glamorous draft history if you exclude their issues with big men.

    Here are some names to mull over: Brandon Rush, Greg Oden, Tyrus Thomas, Martell Webster. Three of those were top-six picks. Not one of the four came remotely close to fulfilling the promise of their placement in the draft.

    This doesn't even include the now-infamous selection of Sam Bowie with the No. 2 pick in the 1984 NBA draft. Bowie went ahead of Charles Barkley, Sam Perkins and some guy named Michael Jordan.  

    It's very difficult to predict who will be selected with the No. 6 overall pick on June 28th. It's not difficult to predict that the player will be a disappointment; after all, he's being picked by the Portland Trail Blazers. 

Toronto Raptors: No. 8 Pick

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    Picking at No. 8 is actually sort of a daunting task. 

    Are the Raptors up for it? Probably not. 

    Picking eighth means you're picking high enough that your team can't really just pick anyone. After all, if your intention all along was to pick the guy you liked best regardless of what the general consensus was, then why not trade down? No, the No. 8 spot is tough. 

    Too low to be part of the cream of the crop, yet too high to waste on a sleeper type of pick.

    Then there's the Raptors' history: Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani. 

    The Raptors' history combined with a tough placement make a draft-night mistake a near certainty.