Breaking Down What Makes Tom Brady the Best Player in the AFC East

Erik FrenzSenior Writer IMay 30, 2012

Tom Brady will put his body on the line to help his team.
Tom Brady will put his body on the line to help his team.Elsa/Getty Images

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks now and ever, so to call him the best player in the AFC East is far from a stretch.

There are a lot of great players in the AFC East, but between the three Super Bowl rings, two Super Bowl MVPs, two regular-season MVPs, the record-setting 2007 season and myriad other accomplishments, it would be hard to argue against Brady.

Here are just a few of the most important reasons behind him being considered the best in the division.



Perhaps no one is as storied a competitor as Brady. That's a necessary trait to go from a sixth-round draft pick to a future Hall of Famer.

There were questions early in Brady's career regarding the defense's contributions to the team and how much of an impact Brady's presence truly had. As of late, however, those questions have been answered with authority, as Brady has been the driver on the road to one great season after another.

Brady consistently holds his own men accountable to play up to their fullest potential, and most importantly, he holds himself accountable when he's not playing up to his fullest potential. How many other quarterbacks consistently get visibly angry at themselves and explode on the sidelines after an interception? 

Leading by example is one of the greatest qualities any leader can exude, and Brady is one of the foremost players in the league in that right.


Importance of Position

Mario Williams is the best defensive end in the AFC East. Fred Jackson and Reggie Bush are the best running backs. Muhammad Wilkerson is the best 5-technique lineman.

But none of those positions are nearly as important as quarterback. It's arguably the most important position in football and all sports.

He's great at what he does, and as the quarterback, he gets to do what he does best with every snap of the ball. 


Football Intelligence

It's not just Brady's ability on Sunday, it's his preparation from Monday through Saturday that makes him great. That preparation is on display every time he makes adjustments at the line of scrimmage and gets his team into a positive play, one that will exploit the defense's weakness on any given play.

People hastily give the system all the credit for his efficiency, and while it plays a role, his football intelligence is what allows him to make such effective reads, throwing such few interceptions and completing such a high percentage of his passes.

Between his on-field ability and off-field preparation, it's no wonder defenses have such a hard time stopping him any given week.



No player in the AFC East will leave a legacy like Brady's, but the same could be said for a large majority of the NFL.

But it's about more than the decorated career he's led.

It's not just the accolades, it's how he went about attaining them. The Patriots quarterback became who he is today not through God-given talent, but through hard work. 

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