College Football Recruiting 2013: The NFL Comparison for Top 10 Pass Catchers

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IMay 30, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: The NFL Comparison for Top 10 Pass Catchers

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    We continue on in our NFL comparison series, today arriving at the pass catchers. So far we've looked at the top quarterbacks and running backs, and compared their skill sets and play traits to NFL players.

    This has been a fun series to do, as it really gives you, the reader, a better picture and understanding of a recruit, since we all see NFL players on TV regularly. So sit back, click next and see the comparisons for each top 10 pass catcher to NFL players.


10. Darrell Daniels

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    Daniels is a 6'3", 210-pound WR that has a very thick frame and good play strength. He's imposing at the line and can make a corner think twice about pressing him.

    With solid quickness, he can get off the line and up field with speed, snatch the ball in flight and actually get faster with the ball in his hands to make a play. He's also a good athlete and can get in and out of breaks solidly.

    He reminds me of Terrell Owens, on the field.

9. Ahmad Fulwood

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    A Florida prospect at 6'4", 190-pounds, Fulwood is a tall and long receiver with good speed and excellent length. He shows great strength on the field whether it be combating press coverage or showing run strength with the ball.

    He's aware on the move, has a good feel for voids in defenses and will settle in holes to make himself available. His catch radius is extremely large, and his hands allow him to make plays at high points.

    His hands, skill set and body length are reminiscent of Michael Crabtree's. 

8. Laquon Treadwell

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    Hailing from Illinois, Treadwell could be the best WR prospect in the Midwest. He goes about 6'2", 190 pounds on the hoof and has a long frame combined with great athleticism.

    He can climb the ladder with speed, sprint out of a cut to separate from a cover corner and make a grab. He's affective in all three phases and his speed can get him over the top well.

    The way he moves around and gets the job done is similar to Stevie Johnson. 

7. O. J. Howard

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    If you want an athletic TE prospect, then Howard is your guy. He's 6'5", 225 pounds and looks like WR on the hoof.

    He shows great quickness off the line, speed on the move and solid hands to make grabs. He could stand to get seasoned up and refined on route running, but Howard can run, jump and catch extremely well.

    You could be looking at the next Jimmy Graham.

6. Jordan Cunningham

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    Cunningham just has a knack for making a spectacular catch look routine. He's 6'1", 175 pounds and has a huge strike zone, excellent body control, quickness and above average speed.

    He's very smart, shows a sense to read coverages and fill voids they leave for him. He can get deep, but I like him best in the intermediate game.

    His skill set really reminds me of Greg Jennings'.

5. Derrick Griffin

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    Griffin goes nearly 6'7" and almost 220 pounds, as the Texan is a big pass catcher that can play WR and TE. He's a great athlete and obviously his most valuable asset is his size.

    Griffin is deceptively quick and is a build-up guy to get up the ladder. Once he's revved up, his speed is good, and his hands allow him to go get it in crowds.

    Everything about him is what is said about Marques Colston. 

4. Adam Breneman

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    Breneman is my top pure TE prospect right now, as the Pennsylvania native is a 6'5", 225-pound pass catcher that doubles as both a WR and TE for his prep team.

    Breneman shows natural skills for a seam player, due to his size, soft hands, ball skills, solid speed and ability to high point balls. He's a receiving TE that will tack on probably another 30 pounds before he leaves Penn State.

    He plays like Greg Olsen. 

3. Stacy Coley

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    Coley has a very high ceiling as the 6'1", 175-pounder that has it all going for him. He's very speedy and can get around the field in a flash.

    Coley can surge off the line quickly, eat up cushion if given to him and get behind the safeties. He's a playmaker with excellent athleticism, good hands and can beat a back seven after the catch.

    Coley's high ceiling and skill set remind me a ton of Mario Manningham's. 

2. Robert Foster

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    When I was with the Giants, during the offseason I was told to watch a long tape on a well-known receiver. After finishing the tape of about 90 plays, I gave the receiver the highest grade I'd ever handed out to a WR.

    He could blast off the line, do everything at full-tilt speed and had unbelievably quick feet. The WR had excellent separation quickness, was a super athlete and stood out.

    Folks, Robert Foster reminds me a ton of Chad Ochocinco in his Bengals hey-day.

1. Ricky Seals-Jones

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    Seals-Jones is a Texas native that goes in the 6'5", 215-pound range. He's just such a large, large man that has good athleticism and a high ceiling.

    He'll need to be coached up on his route running, but he flashes good ball skills and speed. He'll be intimidating at the line for corners and dominate in the red zone.

    Texas Longhorn fans, you could be getting a receiver that plays like Brandon Marshall.