Manchester United Transfers: 5 Reasons Luka Modric Is Worth Fighting for

Adam Merkle@@AdamLMerkleContributor IIIMay 30, 2012

Manchester United Transfers: 5 Reasons Luka Modric Is Worth Fighting for

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    Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric is one of the hottest commodities available to be shopped in the Premier League right now and the league's top teams continue to make the push to acquire him. 

    The Manchester United squad is one of several notable teams coming off a disappointing finish while rival Chelsea took home the hardware, and thus they must look to make a push to acquire a player of the 26 year old Croatian's caliber to right the wrongs.

    But will Modric be able to create the same type of dynamic play that pushed his Hot Spur team to play like contenders on one of soccer's biggest stages where every team is expected to play like contenders at Old Trafford? 

If Man U Doesn't Get Him, Some Other Top Team Will

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    Although this seems like a given, Modric is one of the most hotly contested transfers with teams like Real Madrid and current champion Chelsea looking to lock him up with an extended deal.  

    Real Madrid has already offered a £25 million deal for Modric, and while the Hot Spurs don't quite value their asset at that low of a price, Madrid has players that could be thrown in to increase the sweetness of the deal.  

    Lats season, in an attempt to bolster a roster that was able to against all odds win the Cup Finals, Chelsea offered £40 million in an attempt to pry Modric away from his current squad for the season's start—yet it still wasn't enough.  

Aging Midfield of Legends

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    The saying that "age is only a number" doesn't really apply to sports. With a game that requires 90 straight minutes of running back and forth, top physical endurance is required.  

    On Wednesday United confirmed that they have resigned a man who recanted against potential retirement to continue playing. This player is 37 year old Paul Scholes.  

    It goes without saying that Scholes has had an illustrious career in the red and white and there is no doubting this skill, but he isn't getting any younger.

    Another case in point is the controversial Ryan Giggs. At 38, he has a very limited amount of time left to play soccer. With 900 appearances, he has surpassed so many in terms of a lengthy playing career, but he is also aging very quickly now and by injecting youth such as Modic into a veteran lineup a spark plug could be generated. 

Must Invest for a Bright Future

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    Like in most sports, harmony is achieved with a delicate balance of players with the necessary and proven experience to win at all costs, along with a group of youthful, yet promising players who can go out their and compete at the necessary levels, while picking up the tools of the trades from the veterans.

    United has proven winners in players like Wayne Rooney and Patrice Evra, yet they lack the proteges that will take the reigns from these guys when they are no longer fit to compete at the premier level of play.

    While crosstown rivals Manchester City continue to rise to the occasion of one of the League's best young teams, United must make a big move to acquire a player of Modric's caliber to strengthen their aging squad and midfield.  

Amount of Money Can't Really Hold Back This Transfer

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    United has seemingly accepted the fact that it will take at least 50 million to bring Luka Modric to Manchester next season, yet for the type of player that he is and the way he could effortlessly fit into United's system, the amount of money cannot really be the negating factor.

    Being able to play deep in a two to three man midfield system is something Scholes has been doing ever since he hit 30, and Modric could fit as the deep man at a more youthful age with more explosiveness.

    Modric isn't much of a scorer, but the way he can facilitate the back end of a midfield with such little effort lead me to believe that he is exactly what United needs to combat their age, strengthen the current squad and prepare for what lies ahead in the future.

Talent Warrants Payday

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    Playing the midfield position is more than just being able to defend or score with an exceptional ability.

    A good midfielder is someone who demands the ball at their feet to make plays to better their teams playing around them.

    Modric is the ideal fit for the United squad because of the calmness he plays with.

    He is a player that can make the necessary plays without hogging too much of the ball.  

    A superior ball handler with precession passing abilities surely makes him an ideal candidate to splurge offseason funds on.