Calgary Flames: Time to Say Goodbye to Jay Feaster and Start the Re-Build

Jon ReidCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2012

OTTAWA, ONT - JULY 30:  Executive Vice President and General Manager Jay Feaster of the Tampa Bay Lightning speaks during the 2005 National Hockey League Draft on July 30, 2005 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.  (Photo By Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The re-build.

It's one of the most chilling words for sports management officials around.

For Flames GM Jay Feaster, it's a word that could spell the end of his tenure at the helm of Calgary's lone major sports franchise (no, the city's CFL team is not a major sports franchise).

Having missed the playoffs each of the last three years, you would think a re-build is already underway in Calgary.

Sadly for Flames fans, that's not the case.

While the thought of giving up hope for a few seasons in order to re-stock the farm system with legitimate prospects may seem like a daunting suggestion (trust me, I am a Leafs fan, I would know), there doesn't seem to be another option for the organization.

At present moment, the Flames are outside the playoff picture looking in, and their best pieces are all aging.

Without the likes of Jarome Iginla, Olli Jokinen and Miikka Kiprusoff, who knows what kind of predicament Calgary would be in.

With those three players being 34, 33 and 35 years old respectively, they aren't exactly the typical foundation for future success.

If the Flames were a team ready to contend in the next year or two, their age may not be such a factor.

Unfortunately, Calgary's prospect pool ranks in the bottom five of the league, according to

What's worse is that GM Jay Feaster seems to stubbornly stick to his guns every year, insisting the Flames are a playoff-caliber team.

In today's NHL, though, three skilled-but-aging veterans and a subpar supporting cast isn't the best recipe for success.

If Calgary wants to see a championship anytime in the next decade, they must can Jay Feaster and bring in a general manager willing to move Iginla and Kiprusoff (the team will have already lost the option of trading Olli Jokinen as he is set to become an unrestricted free agent on this year) for prospects and picks in order to set the painful, yet necessary, re-building process in motion.

What better time to make such a move than right before the NHL's entry draft, set to take place just a few weeks from now, and before Feaster can spend anymore of the team's money on stop-gap free agents.

I hate to break it to you Flames fans, but there hasn't been a team in such disarray since the John Ferguson Jr. era Toronto Maple Leafs, and we're still clawing our way back to being a respectable team.