Air Jordan . . . Deflating to Kobe?

Mikal Elyse@@One4theDaggerCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Lebron James, Grant Hill, Vince Carter and Dwayne Wade have all been labeled as the next Michael Jordan.


None of these guys have been able to touch Jordan’s talent, though.


One man though, keeps trying to deflate MJ’s NBA acclamation of “the greatest all-time.”


Does his name even need to be mentioned?


Yes, Kobe Bryant is that man of comparison.


This is a never-ending dispute between all sports fans, basketball lovers, Jordan lovers and Kobe lovers.


When evaluating these two greats most will bore you with statistics and awards, but I will just bring a few brief points into perspective on why Jordan is still the greatest of all-time and why they should not be compared constantly.


No one can deny the natural talent both Michael and Kobe present.


They have the greatest expertise anyone has ever seen and maybe anyone will ever see.


You may want to rethink who has the better natural talent if your answer is Kobe.


Kobe Bryant did start in the NBA at a younger age than Michael. Most will say Jordan came out on top, because of his college experience, which is true.


Has anyone realized 13 seasons later Kobe still has not knocked out most of Jordan’s records?


Michael had the creativity and spontaneity with his tongue hanging out while jumping up for a slam-dunk at the free throw line. It was a sight no one has ever seen.


Michael created the image of basketball for the 90s and then came “I wanna be like Mike.”


Kobe has become a clone of MJ.


This is not a bad thing; he just followed the greatest footsteps.

Haven’t they all?


Since MJ’s departure from playing basketball though, all creativity in the game has gone out the window because we are all familiar with Michael’s moves.  Only the young kids who never had the chance to see Michael play is jumping on the Kobe is the greatest bandwagon.


No one can compete with Michael’s skills, all players will attempt, yet Kobe still stands as the only man to even be acceptable to compare.


You cannot compare the love Jordan had for the game.


He went out on the court with determination to win every game and give his all.


Whether The Bulls were up 20-points or two, Jordan showed his “A” game.


Jordan had played Game five in the 1997 finals against Utah Jazz with flu like symptoms.  He played a great game ending with 38-points.


We all know that person who call off work when they have a sliver in their hand … MJ wasn't that guy.


He is what I say is heart, determination and dedication.


Kobe and The Lakers had a 24-point lead in the second quarter of the 2008 NBA Finals in Game four against the Boston Celtics.


Kobe got comfortable and let Paul Pierce work into his head and dropped his game in to an “F” game.


MJ never had the finals result in to such an upset.


Jordan came, saw, and conquered.  MJ never let another player get in his head the way Kobe failed to let Paul Pierce of The Boston Celtics.


Most figured Kobe was out of his egotistic stage, but after that act in the 2008 finals, I am not convinced.


Kobe started off selfish and not appreciative to the full meaning of “team.”


Kobe was a one-man type of guy and slightly 13 seasons later, still is.


Phil Jackson had stated that Kobe was “uncoachable.”


Now, Kobe has admitted to this flaw of not being a team player and not realizing his team was there for more than just passing the ball to him.


Has Kobe formed into the leader that MJ was though?


I am still searching for visual or factual proof from Kobe or a reliable source. 


MJ and Kobe of course get more media attention than their teams ever have or will, but MJ knew his team had talent and they were a big part of giving the city of Chicago six championships just as much as MJ. 


When you get into the generations of basketball topic, this is where I see the biggest difference in their greatness.


Can you compare the defensive players that Michael surpassed to Kobe’s?


Malone, Stockton, Starks, Mutumbo, Barkley, Rodman, Shaq in his prime … these men were some of the greatest and toughest guys to get around.


Kobe is working around Wade, Kidd, Payton, Artest … could these guys even have the credibility they received against the men Jordan competed with? 


At Madison Square Garden Kobe just broke MJ’s record of “double nickels.”


This is a great milestone for Kobe and significance certainly, but Kobe was not up against the 90’s New York Knicks.  What have the Knicks been up to lately, besides forgetting the meaning of “W” stands for Win and not the new Josh Brolin movie?


The difference in players at that time effected people’s opinion on why Kobe had shattered Michael’s record at Madison Square Garden.


The calculating of who is the greatest cannot be settled between these two.


We all know they are both going in history as legends and the greatest of their time — no one will ever stop arguing the facts and opinions, but we all know this is impractical.


They are individuals and amazing individuals; no one can ever deny that. 


The easiest way to settle the argument, in the least, is by knowing that it is Phil Jackson who we should call the greatest all time … or it may just take the three of them to make the perfect triangle


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