Fantasy WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (5/11)

Will OwenCorrespondent IMay 30, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (5/11)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is another episode of Fantasy WWE's SmackDown.

    For those who have never seen these articles before, Raw (Michael Broughton and Will Owen) and SmackDown (Charlie Gregory, Jack McKenzie and George Cushnie) have all drafted their own rosters and are now creating their own fantasy shows.

    Here is the SmackDown roster:

    1. CM Punk

    2. John Cena

    3. The Miz

    4. Dolph Ziggler

    5. Cody Rhodes

    6. Daniel Bryan

    7. Christian

    8. Alberto Del Rio

    9. Zack Ryder

    10. Ezekiel Jackson

    11. Kofi Kingston

    12. Jack Swagger

    13. Evan Bourne

    14. Vladimir Kozlov

    15. Big Show

    16. Skip Sheffield

    17. Sin Cara Azul

    18. Sin Cara Negro

    19. Santino Marella

    20. Chris Masters 

    21. Heath Slater

    22. Curt Hawkins

    23. Trent Barreta

    24. Tyler Reks

    25. Brodus Clay

    26. Richie Steamboat

    27. Dean Ambrose

    28. Kharma

    29. Natalya

    30. Gail Kim

    31. Maryse

    32. Eve Torres

    33. AJ

    34. Death Rey

    35. Teddy Hart

    36. Kurt Angle

    37. Jeff Hardy

    38. Jinder Mahal

Promo: CM Punk and Bryan Danielson Are in the Ring

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    No pyro this week as we head straight to the arena where the opening music is quickly cut off by "Cult of Personality" as CM Punk comes out to a massive ovation and the crowd chanting his name. We get a video package of last week with Punk beating Chris Masters and Bryan locking in the LaBell Lock to close the show. 

    Matthews: “I can’t wait for No Mercy in two weeks, Matt. Punk vs. Bryan in a ladder match for the WWE Championship. Punk will finally get his proper rematch where he cannot be cheated out of the title.” 

    Striker: “I know what you mean, Josh. At No Mercy, Bryan will prove to the WWE Universe that he is the best in the world.” 

    Punks grabs the microphone and sits down in the middle of the ring. 

    Punk: “How 'bout a little math for ya? Add CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, a ladder and the No Mercy PPV, and what have ya got? A match for the WWE Championship. If you’d have told me that when I first started wrestling, I’d never have believed you. Yet here we are. It’s 2012, and that match is going to happen! 

    "I won the match last week against Chris Masters, so now I’ll get the rematch that I deserve. Bryan, I don’t blame you for what you did at Wrestlemania. I’ve done it twice, just ask Jeff Hardy and Edge. I get it. The allure of gold is a powerful one, and it can make you do things you never would have done before. 

    "The thing that bugs me is that I thought I knew you, but I don’t. I’ve no idea who the guy who cheap-shotted me in Miami is. There’s just one thing, Bryan: you can’t cheap shot me this Sunday!” 

    Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he paces down the ring with the WWE Championship belt firmly around his waist and microphone in hand. 

    Bryan: “Punk, Punk, Punk, let’s not get all sentimental; this is business. It’s never been about anything other than wrestling. Both our lives are nothing but wrestling. Holding this title means everything to me. It proves all the doubters wrong and shows them that I’m the best in the world. Your t-shirt can say whatever it likes; this title proves it.

    "I did what I needed to do at Mania to win. It’s that simple. The briefcase guaranteed me a championship opportunity, so I used it to guarantee that the WWE Title would go around my waist.” 

    Punk: “Were you afraid to wrestle me, Bryan? Were you afraid that you’d come up short? You’ve done nothing but cheap shot me week after week. It doesn’t prove you’re the best in the world. It proves that you’re a giant toolbox!” 

    Bryan: “Punk, you seem to forget that I’m 2-0 against you. Wow, you beat Chris Masters? So what! You still haven’t beaten me, and you never will. At No Mercy, I’m going to climb the ladder and prove once and for all why I’m the best wrestler in the world!” 

    Punk: “Okay, Bryan, you want to prove that you’re the real deal and the fighting champion you say you are? How about we play a little role reversal from last week, and I’ll pick your opponent for tonight?” 

    Bryan: “I don’t need to prove myself to anyone while I hold this title.” 

    Punk: “And you call yourself a fighting champion? You’re a joke, and once again, a giant toolbox!” 

    Bryan: “Alright, pick my damn opponent, and let’s get on with it.” 

    Punk: “Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems like the toolbox has found some nuts! Tonight, you’re going to face one of the best wrestlers in the world. That man’s name is Dolph Ziggler!” 

    Bryan looks pissed in the ring. He’s throwing a fit! 

    Punk drops the microphone and mouths, “Pipe bomb!” at Bryan as he walks out of the ring. 

    Matthews: “What a tremendous PPV-quality main event we have tonight. Bryan and Ziggler go one-on-one. This could be a classic!”

Match 1: Kharma vs. Death Rey

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    Kharma now makes her way out to some good heat and some pops from the crowd as she does her slow walk to the ring. 

    Matthews: “She definitely has to be the favourite to pick up the win at No Mercy and take home our new Women’s Championship.” 

    Death Rey’s music hits as she makes her way to the ring to solid heat. 

    Striker: “These two have been causing mayhem in the Divas division as of late and now we get to see them face off.” 

    A quick replay of all their destruction is shown as Rey enters the ring. Kharma and Rey aren’t taking their eyes off one another They give each other the nod, and the referee rings the bell. 

    Rey starts pacing around the ring trying not to let Kharma back her into any corner. She lashes out with a kick to Kharma, but it doesn’t have any effect. Kharma signals to lock up, but Rey lets out another kick to Kharma. Kharma’s getting angry now and goes for the clothesline, but Rey ducks, bounces off the ropes and comes back for a shoulder block, but they both just bounce off one another. 

    Rey tries to connect with another shoulder-block off the ropes, but again Kharma doesn’t go down. She delivers a quick kick to the head, but Kharma just stumbles a bit and then runs at Rey, knocking her down with a big clothesline. Kharma quickly covers her. One, two, kick out!

    Kharma picks up Rey and whips her into the corner. She charges after her and gives her a full-body splash as she crushes her. As Rey stumbles forward, Kharma lands a big headbutt, and Rey hits the floor hard. Kharma grabs Rey by the hair, lifts her up and slams her hard down to the mat. Kharma goes for the cover. One, two, kick out!

    Rey just manages to push Kharma’s frame off of her and tries to crawl to the ropes as Kharma yells at the referee. The crowd begins to pop now as Natalya runs down the ramp, slides into the ring and drop kicks Kharma into the referee as they both fall out of the ring. 

    Matthews: “Natalya’s here! She’s taken matters into her own hands to show Kharma and Rey that she’ll be a force to be reckoned with at No Mercy!” 

    Natalya turns her attention to Death Rey and turns her over into the Sharpshooter! Rey taps out furiously as Natalya screams at her! Natalya eventually breaks the hold and leaves the ring. As she starts walking up the ramp, she signals to the crowd that the belt will be hers. 

    Striker: “Nattie just made a statement right there Josh. She might live to regret that decision. Coming up next, we’re going to hear from Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder!” 

    Match Result: No Contest (Match Time—3:04)

Promo: Zack Ryder Is in the Ring

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    We come back from commercial to see Zack walking down to the ring with a microphone in hand. 

    Zack: “So, the Long Island Iced Z looks like he’s heading to No Mercy! Sick!” 

    The crowd’s solidly behind Ryder, chanting his name and, “Let’s go Ryder! Woo, Woo, Woo!” 

    Zack: “Last week, I proved that I deserve a title shot. I beat Mahal, but Heath Slater managed to beat Teddy Hart? Are you serious, bro? It doesn’t matter, because at No Mercy I’ll pin the Wendy’s girl to be the new No. 1 contender for the Light Heavyweight Championship!” 

    As the crowd pops for Zack, Richie Steamboat’s music hits, and he heads to the ring with a smile on his face. 

    Richie: “Congratulations, Zack, looks like you’ll be the No. 1 contender after No Mercy!” 

    The crowd cheers again. 

    Richie: “Zack, you need to soak in this moment, take it all in, because when you get your title shot, it’ll be against me. At No Mercy, Christian’s gonna get the ass-kicking of a lifetime, and I’ll be walking out as the new Light Heavyweight Champion! I’ll see you at Money in the Bank, bro!” 

    As Richie says that, Heath Slater and Christian walk down to the ring looking angry. Christian talks first. 

    Christian: “You know something Richie? All those times I’ve kicked your ass must have knocked all the sense out of you. It wouldn’t have taken a lot, to be fair! Let me explain something to you. At No Mercy,  I’ll pin your shoulders to the mat, and Heath’s gonna do the same to your little buddy Zack Ryder!” 

    All four men are squaring off when Cole appears at the top of the ramp. 

    Cole: Gentlemen, can I have your attention please? No Mercy is drawing near, and it’s clear that all four of you want to get your hands on each other, so how about we mix things up a bit and do something interesting right here? (The crowd pops at this.) Tonight, we’re going to see a tag-team match. It’ll be Richie Steamboat and Heath Slater vs. Christian and Zack Ryder!” 

    Michael Cole walks to the back as the crowd, and all four men are in shock at what’s just transpired.

Promo: Backstage with Michael Cole

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    The camera cuts from the ring, and we go backstage to see GM Michael Cole on his cell phone.

    Cole: “Triple H? How’s it going? We’re excited that you’re gonna be here next week on our special three-hour Smackdown Showdown before No Mercy. Yeah, I remember what you said. Haven’t you seen the ratings? We’re dominating RAW. All of the hottest superstars are here, and the fans appreciate that.

    "I understand that you need to go through my job evaluation, but trust me, you’ll be impressed with our progress. You won’t have to give me a warning, like you did to Vince on RAW.”

    There’s a knock on the door.

    Cole: “Hunter, can I call you back? Jericho’s here, and I need to go over something with him. Yeah, thanks. See you next week. (Turns to Jericho.) Come in, Chris.”

    Jericho: “Alright Cole, let’s get this over with quick. Even your suit bores the hell out of me.”

    Cole: “Chris, we need to talk about last week. I ordered you to leave the building, and you came back and attacked John Cena. I can’t have you running roughshod over Smackdown. This is my show, not yours, so get your damn act together! This is your first and last warning, Chris; do not step out of line again.

    Now that’s out of the way, I did agree with what you said about Cena having to earn a match against you. How about this? If Cena can beat the Big Show tonight, then I’ll sanction a No Holds Barred match between you two at No Mercy. Do we have a deal?”

    Jericho: “Let me make something crystal clear to you, Cole. Nobody tells me what to do. I do what I want, when I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. When it comes to Cena, if he gets past Big Show, then I’ll agree to a contract signing next week in the ring.”

    Jericho turns around and slams the door behind him as Cole goes back to his cell phone.

    Matthews: “That’s some huge news from GM Michael Cole. Next week is going to be a three-hour Smackdown Showdown, including an appearance from the Chief Operating Officer, Triple H!” 

    Striker: “Don’t forget, Josh, that if John Cena gets past Big Show tonight, then the two most combustible elements on Smackdown will have a face-to-face contract signing next week! I can’t wait!” 

    Matthews: “That’s next week folks, but up next, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions will be in action as Evan Bourne takes on Curt Hawkins one-on-one. We’ll be right back, after this.”

Match 2: Curt Hawkins vs. Evan Bourne

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    As we come back from commercial, Curt Hawkins makes his way to the ring and gets some decent heat from the crowd. When Evan Bourne comes out, you can tell the difference straight away, as he receives a very warm welcome from the crowd in attendance. Hawkins paces the ring with a cocky smile on his face before the bell rings. 

    Both men tie up, and Hawkins grabs hold of Bourne in a headlock. Bourne tries to push Hawkins off, but his grip is firm, and he won’t let go easily. Hawkins, with a hard hip toss, continues to hold the headlock on Bourne.

    Bourne fights his way back to his feet and hits hard elbows to the midsection of Hawkins. Hawkins releases, and Bourne runs against the ropes, He ducks two clothesline attempts by Hawkins and hits a nice dropkick to the chin. Cover by Bourne, (one, two), but Hawkins powers out of the pin attempt. 

    Bourne measures Hawkins to his feet and hits a nice springboard moonsault with another cover, one, two, kick out! Bourne lifts Hawkins to his feet and hits stiff kicks to Hawkins leg. Evan runs the ropes again, but he runs into a huge clothesline that turns him inside out. Hawkins covers Bourne, (one, two), but Bourne gets his shoulder up. 

    Hawkins ruthlessly stomps away at Evan Bourne and drags him into the corner.  Then he chokes him with his foot until the referee manages to stop Curt Hawkins. Hawkins picks up Bourne by his head and hits a hard spinning body slam! Hawkins makes the cover, one, two, kick out! 

    Hawkins lifts Bourne to his feet, and Bourne tries to fire back with forearms shots to Hawkins. Bourne comes off the ropes, ducks under a clothesline attempt and hits a beautiful head scissors, which takes Hawkins to the outside. Bourne makes his way to the top rope and waits for Hawkins to get up to his feet. Bourne dives off to the outside with a beautiful cross body.

    Both men are down on the outside. 

    The ref goes out to check on both men before starting the count. He counts to five before both men make their way back into the ring. Hawkins hits Bourne with a forearm and Bourne hits back with a kick to the leg.

    Hawkins sends Bourne into the ropes and lifts him on to be countered into a very nice mid-air dropkick by Bourne. Bourne follows up with a standing moonsault and hooks the leg. one, two, kick out! 

    Bourne tries to catch his breath for a couple of moments and raises Hawkins to his feet. Bourne whips Hawkins into the turnbuckle and goes to follow up but is met by a hard elbow by Hawkins. Hawkins grabs Bourne in a neck-breaker position but turns it into a face-buster. Hawkins covers Bourne, one, two, kick out! 

    Hawkins is seething. He gets up and puts the boots to Bourne. He even drives his knees into Bourne’s chest a few times. Another pin attempt by Hawkins, (one, two), but AGAIN Bourne kicks out! Hawkins looks extremely frustrated as he starts hitting the ropes.

    Bourne now reaches his feet and Irish whips Hawkins into the corner. Bourne charges Hawkins and delivers a monkey flip, sending Hawkins smack-bang in the middle of the ring. 

    Bourne looks to the crowd, and the fans are on their feet. Evan climbs to the top rope and signals that it’s time to get Air Bourne! He seizes the moment and jumps, but Hawkins rolls out of the way, and Evan hits the mat hard. Hawkins quickly lifts Bourne to his feet groggily and hits the Taste of Pain. Hawkins now covers Bourne as the ref counts: one, two, three

    Winner: Curt Hawkins (Match Time—7:41) 

    Matthews: “Matt, that was one hell of a match. It could’ve gone either way. I don’t know which team’s got the momentum as we head towards No Mercy.”

    Striker: “Well, Josh, last week Kofi just beat Tyler Reks, and this week, Curt Hawkins just beat Evan Bourne. The match at No Mercy could be one of the best tag team matches we’ve seen in years!”

Promo: Backstage Interview with Jack Swagger

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    We go backstage to see Todd Grisham. 

    Todd: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the All-American American, Jack Swagger. (The crowd boos as Swagger walks into focus) Jack, two weeks ago you were part of the Fortunate Americans vying for tag team gold. Then, you decided to try to find success as a singles competitor, and you find yourself in a submission match with Kurt Angle, the Olympic gold medalist, at No Mercy.

    "What are your thoughts as we head towards that PPV?” 

    Swagger: “Two weeks ago, I was nobody. I was carrying Ted DiBiase around like a dead weight, and now I feel free again. I didn’t win the ECW Title with anyone’s help. I didn’t win Money in the Bank with anybody’s help, and I won the World Heavyweight Championship by myself! I’m the best pure athlete on Smackdown, and nobody can stop me. 

    Kurt Angle suddenly comes back to Smackdown and thinks he runs the joint. I’ve got news for Mr Olympic Gold Medal. At No Mercy, he’s gonna realize that I’m an unstoppable machine when I become the first person ever to make Kurt tap. I’m sick of being overlooked, and I’ll prove that I’m the real deal.” 

    Swagger goes to walk off, but he bumps into Kurt Angle! (The crowd goes wild at the sight of Angle) 

    Angle: “Jackie boy! Did I hear you properly? You’re going to make me, Kurt Angle, the man who won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck, tap out? That’s not gonna happen. Let me tell you what will happen. At No Mercy, you’ll see why I’m a wrestling machine when I break your ankle. (He gets in Swagger’s face) Oh, it’s’s DAMN true!!”

    The crowd pops again for Angle as he walks off, and Swagger stands there looking pissed

Promo: Alberto Del Rio Is in the Ring

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    We head back to ringside as Alberto Del Rio’s music hits, and a chorus of boos echo throughout the arena. He stops halfway down the ramp and points back up to the stage as Cody Rhodes’ music now hits, and he walks out smiling to some very decent heat. 

    We see a brief recap of what happened last week with Alberto and Cody taking out Santino. 

    Matthews: “I want to know what the deal is here. Are these two some sort of an alliance now?” 

    Striker: “I don’t think they’re an alliance but just have mutual respect for one another.” 

    Alberto and Cody both grab microphones as "Santino!" chants break out. 

    Alberto: “You can chant all you want, but after the beating he got last week, there’s no way Santino will be here tonight. I don’t even think he’ll be able to compete at No Mercy, so I think all of you people sitting at home should forget about seeing a triple-threat match for my title. 

    "Instead, Cody and I will be putting on one hell of match for the Intercontinental title because we can and because we deserve it. Cody and I planned this out since the night after WrestleMania. Sure, we thought that Santino would have given up after I interfered in the No. 1 contender match, but he has a little more resiliency than I thought he would.” 

    Cody: “Santino is an absolute joke of a competitor and should have never been given the shot at my intercontinental title in the first place. He didn’t deserve to win my title. It was a fluke! Alberto and I decided that we couldn’t let that happen again and took out Santino.

    "There’s no way that Santino will ever win gold again. It’s a travesty, an absolute travesty, when a joke like Santino gets to walk around here on Smackdown as the Intercontinental champion. Prestige needs to be brought back to the title, and having Santino anywhere near it doesn’t help. That’s why we took him out.” 

    The two shake hands and laugh as they begin to exit the ring, but Michael Cole appears on the TitanTron. 

    Cole: “Seriously, what is it with you guys? Do you never learn your lessons? Last week, you guys did a lot more than just injure Santino; you attacked an official. He was a referee, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve spoken to Santino and his doctors, and he’ll be cleared to compete here next week, which means he’s still in the Intercontinental Championship match at No Mercy. 

    "Getting back to you two, since you don’t listen to my rules, I’ve decided to take action. Tonight, you’ll both be in action, in that very ring, when you’ll face each other, in a last-man-standing match!” 

    Cody and Alberto are outraged and storm around the ring, kicking the ropes as Alberto throws the title down in frustration. 

    Cole: “Oh and one more thing: If you decide to try and find an easy way out of this, you’ll both be suspended without pay, and Santino will be awarded the title!” 

    The segment ends with Cody and Alberto going nuts in the ring as the announcers go over what’s just happened.

Match 3: John Cena vs. Big Show

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    John Cena makes his way down to the ring ranting off at the crowd. They are booing him fairly loudly. Cena is holding a microphone.

    Cena: “Tonight, to get to Chris Jericho, I’ve got to go through the Big Show. That’s right, I’m the one jumping through hoops, and all I want is a No Holds Barred match at No Mercy, so I can knock Chris Jericho’s head off of his shoulders. 

    "Punk, Bryan and Jericho can all talk about who is the best in the world, but the truth is that I am. They can’t even come close to the amount of money that I’ve made for this company. Simply put, I’m the man around here and I always will be.

    "Boo me all you want, I don’t care! I’m still getting my pay check and I'm still kicking asses. Now hurry up and get your big giant ass out here, Big Show, so I can give a big FU to Chris Jericho.”

    Striker: “Definitely no love lost between Cena and Jericho, but John had better watch himself. Big Show’s no pushover.”

    Big Show comes out to a decent pop and signals he is going to knock Cena out.

    Striker: “The crowd tonight loves Big Show.” 

    Matthews: “I think they just want someone to shut John Cena up.”

    Both men are in the ring now as the referee rings the bell. Cena turns around and gives a "you cant see me" to the crowd, and Show bounces off the ropes and lays a big elbow straight to the back of Cena's head. Show quickly covers Cena. One, two, kick out! 

    Cena is bright red from the pressure of Show's weight on top of him as Show picks him up groggily to continue the beat down. He pushes Cena to the corner of the ring and motions to the crowd, “Shh," and lays out the first slap. Another six follow as Cena winces in pain, and the crowd begins to get firmly behind Big Show. 

    After the seventh slap, he whips him into the ropes and gives him a walking shoulder block. Cena hits the mat hard. Big Show covers Cena just with his boot. One, two, kick out! 

    Cena crawls to the ropes using them as leverage to get up. He finally is able to get to his feet by using the turnbuckles. Big Show quickly rises and sees Cena on the turnbuckles. Big Show quickly gets over to Cena and grabs his head and goes for the headbutt, but Cena blocks it and delivers a headbutt of his own.

    Show is stunned and stumbles backwards. Cena delivers a left, a right, a left, a right and one big right to get the big man down on one knee. Cena seizes his opportunity and delivers a low-flying shoulder block to Big Show's left knee, and Show’s down. Cena now covers Show. One, two, kick out! 

    Show slowly gets up, but Cena hits a clothesline. Show gets up, and Cena hits another clothesline. Show gets up for a third time, and Cena hits a big clothesline knocking Big Show flat on his back. Cena screams for Big Show to get up, but it’s not quick enough for Cena's liking, so Cena drags Show up.

    Big Show pushes Cena off when he reaches his feet and goes for a clothesline .However Cena ducks and lifts up Big Show in a spin-out side-release slam. Cena quickly goes for the cover. One, two, kickout!

    Cena stands up and put his hand in front of his face. 

    Matthews: “Here comes the five-knuckle shuffle.”

    Cena runs up to the ropes, bounces off, walks slower than normal to show off to the crowd, brushes his shoulder and delivers a blow to the face. Cena covers Show again. One, two, kick out! Cena is frustrated now and starts slamming his fists onto the mat and signals for Show to get up. 

    Big Show then sits up, and Cena runs and delivers a big boot to Show’s face. Then he drags him up slowly. Cena tries to get him up on his shoulders, but Big Show elbows Cena’s face, and Cena drops him.

    Cena turns around now for the Big Show to catch him with a WMD, but Cena grabs Show’s fist before it can connect. Cena delivers a kick to Show’s midsection and lifts him onto his shoulders. He sets up for the FU and delivers it, slamming Show hard onto the mat. Cena covers him—one, two—Cena lifts Show's shoulder up! 

    Cena shakes his head and smiles. He flips the Big Show over and locks in the STFU. Big Show is yelling pain as he can’t reach the ropes. The Big Show taps out, but Cena won’t release the hold! Cena leaves the hold on until the Big Show passes out and the referee has to break the hold. The crowd now raining down boos upon Cena as he walks up the ramp smiling.

    Winner: John Cena (Match Time—8:23)

    Matthews: “John Cena sent a statement to Chris Jericho tonight. Their match at No Mercy may well be one of the most physical matches we’ve ever seen.” 

    Striker: “The contract signing next week might just boil over. Josh, I can’t wait to see what happens!” 

    Matthews: “Our next match is the Cruiserweight Tag Team Match announced by Michael Cole earlier tonight. It pits enemies together as tag team partners as Richie Steamboat teams with Heath Slater to take on Christian and Zack Ryder. That match will kick off when we return!”

Match 4: Richie Steamboat and Heath Slater vs. Christian and Zack Ryder

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    We come back from commercial to see Richie and Heath walking to the ring together, but they’re miles apart. They don't even look at each other. Next out are Christian and Zack. Christian taunts the crowd while Ryder cries “Woo Woo Woo!" Christian looks angrily towards a smiling Ryder as they walk to the ring. 

    With both teams in the ring, it looks like we’re going to start off with Richie and Zack. Both men lock up, but Richie gets the upper hand and sends Ryder into the turnbuckle. He unleashes a few punches and reluctantly tags in Heath Slater.

    Slater pounds away at Ryder in the corner until the ref reaches a count of four. He then pulls Ryder from the corner and hits a clothesline. Slater goes for a quick cover. One, two, kick out! 

    Slater pulls Ryder up and hits a suplex. Once Ryder is down, Heath continually punches him, but Christian comes in, and now both men are attacking Ryder. Richie’s had enough, and he takes down both men before the ref sends him out.

    Christian rolls to the outside as Ryder and Slater get to their feet. Slater runs at Ryder, but Ryder ducks and hits a dropkick. He then drags Slater up by the hair and hits a back-breaker. He laughs and tags in Christian, who doesn’t want to get in the ring. 

    Matthews: “Well, now we’re going to see partners go at it!” 

    Christian slowly walks in as Heath stumbles to his feet. Christian runs at Heath, and Slater cowers over. Christian doesn't hit him though, he just laughs and whispers something to Heath. The two then attack Ryder and Richie and send them to the outside!

    They stand in the middle of the ring and taunt the crowd. The referee goes to the outside to check on Steamboat and Ryder as Christian picks up a mic. 

    Christian: “I've had enough of this mockery of a match. I'm ending this now!” 

    Heath puts on brass knuckles, and Christian grabs a chair. But Richie comes in from behind and hits the Flying Dragon on Slater! Christian turns to Richie and tries to attack him, but Ryder comes in and takes him out!

    All hell has broken loose, but the referee manages to get Ryder and Steamboat out of the ring. Christian and Heath are down, and the ref counts to three before Christian gets to his feet. Next up is Slater. Christian tags Ryder in. Slater tries to go for his E-Minor finisher, but Ryder ducks, and it hits the Rough Ryder on Slater.

    He rolls into a cover and pins Slater’s shoulders to the mat. One, two, three! 

    Winners: Christian and Zack Ryder (Match Time—6:47) 

    Matthews: “That match was utter chaos! At one point, Christian and Heath were going to DQ themselves!” 

    Striker: “Yeah, but in the end, Richie and Ryder are standing tall together.” 

    Ryder and Richie celebrate in the middle of the ring as Slater and Christian stumble backwards up the ramp.

Match 5: Cody Rhodes vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match

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    Cody Rhodes makes his way out to the ring now to some heat; he doesn’t look happy about having to perform tonight. Alberto Del Rio now quickly walks out to some big heat as he runs and slides into the ring. 

    Striker: “I don’t agree with Cole. He shouldn’t be able to force two friends to face each other like this. It’s unjust.” 

    Matthews: “I think Cole is just sick of superstars thinking they run the show. At least we know Santino is okay and will be here next week.” 

    Alberto hands the title to the referee as the match gets underway, and the bell rings. Both men go to lock up, but Alberto ducks and grabs Cody from behind. Cody breaks the hold, but Del Rio hits a forearm to the back and rolls him up. One, kick out! Both men are on their feet, trying to lock up again. 

    They lock their right hands together and very carefully try to lock up their left hands. Just as they do, Alberto kicks Cody’s midsection to break it up. That’s quickly followed by a devastating quick kick to take out Rhodes’ leg and a forearm to the back of the head to knock him down.

    A boot to the face and Alberto picks him up and Irish whips him into the ropes, but Rhodes reverses it, sending Alberto instead. Cody ducks as Alberto runs over him, then leap frogs him on the way back and turns around to knock down Alberto with a shoulder block. Cody covers him. One, kick out! 

    Cody now picks up Alberto by the head and hits a swinging neck-breaker that allows Cody to get him into a sleeper hold now. Alberto is able to push Cody off enough to get space to work himself under Cody as he lifts them both up. He breaks the hold Cody has on him and throws him into the ropes, and as he rebounds, Cody is able to slide through Alberto’s legs and stand up to deliver a massive right that makes Alberto stumble backwards.

    Alberto focuses now and comes back, but he gets hit with another massive right and stumbles backwards again. Cody now grabs Alberto and puts him on the second rope with his knee forcing down on the back of his neck, choking him. The referee counts: one, two, three, four. Cody breaks the hold and jumps over the ropes to the floor, planning to hit another right, but Alberto sees it coming and moves and walks over to the other side of the ring. 

    Cody quickly gets back in the ring and comes up behind Alberto, throwing him over the ropes onto the floor below.

    The referee begins the count: one, two, three.

    Alberto is trying to get back into the ring, but Cody takes a run up and lands a massive sliding drop kick, knocking Alberto back out onto the floor.

    Four, five.

    Cody takes another run up and goes for another drop kick, but Alberto sees it coming and is able to grab Cody’s leg and drag him out. 

    Matthews: Oh, what a massive dropkick. I can’t wait to see what happens when Santino is in the mix. 

    Striker: One of them should end the match soon if they don’t want to be too sore going into No Mercy. 

    The referee's count restarts. One, two.

    Alberto now throws Cody into the steel steps and he just bounces off them with a big thud.


    Alberto picks up Cody and slams him into the guard rail


    Cody is laying on his back trying to get up, but Alberto puts his boot onto Cody’s face.

    Five, six.

    Cody breaks the hold now as Alberto picks him up and throws him back into the ring. Alberto quickly covers Cody. One, two, kick out!

    Alberto picks up Cody now and goes for a devastating back-breaker and connects on to his knee. Cody gets covered again. One, two, kick out!

    Cody now pushes Alberto off of him and stands up with his back to Alberto, but Alberto lands a big drop kick to the back of Cody which sends him into the corner, hitting his head on the turnbuckle as he falls down. Alberto quickly turns Cody around and goes to the opposite corner.

    Alberto charges on Cody and lands a massive boot to the face of Cody, and his neck snaps back. Alberto now taunting Cody telling him to get up, but the referee is holding off Alberto. Cody pulls himself up, and Alberto goes to strike, but the referee blocks the way. Alberto pushes the referee out of the way but gets nailed by a big right from Cody. 

    Alberto—now stumbling—falls to the ground trying to shake off that last hit. Cody goes up to the top turnbuckle, ready to jump, but Alberto is able to quickly rise and jump to catch Cody on the top rope. Alberto hits Cody with a punch to the gut and sets him up for a superplex and delivers.

    Both men crash to the floor. Both men are down as the referee begins a count. One, two, three. Alberto rises up and makes his way over to Cody. He grabs Cody by the neck, but Cody reverses it into a roll up. One, two, kick out! 

    Both men reach their feet quickly. Cody hits another right to Alberto as he falls backwards again. Cody grabs Alberto, but he is able to push Cody onto the ropes as he comes back. Alberto goes for a clothesline, but so does Cody. Both men hit the floor.

    Cody is able to use the ropes as leverage to get to his feet as he goes to the top rope again. Cody is waiting for Alberto to rise to attempt a cross body. Alberto somehow realizes what Cody is planning and jumps up off the ropes and hits a massive, huge enziguri . Cody falls motionless to the mat as Alberto places his arm over him for the cover. One, two, three. 

    Winner: Alberto del Rio (Match Time—11:24) 

    Matthews: “What a massive enziguri from del Rio. Just like Cody, I didn’t see that coming!” 

    Striker: “The champ rightfully takes out the victory here tonight. I can’t wait for No Mercy!” 

    Alberto now slinks out of the ring, crawling up the ramp with his championship, as Cody still lays motionless.

Promo: Backstage Interview with Smackdown's Newest Superstar!

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    Ezekiel Jackson is backstage with Todd Grisham. 

    Grisham: “I'm here with SmackDown’s newest draftee, Ezekiel Jackson! Ezekiel, how does it feel to be a part of WWE’s A-show?”

    Ezekiel: “RAW was well below what I needed. I wasn’t given a chance to prove how much of a powerhouse I am. SmackDown has opened a new door for me. I won’t stop until I’ve got some gold. RAW didn't realize my full potential, but SmackDown had better get ready because I’m ready to dominate. Nothing and no one will stop me. I will not, and cannot, be stopped.” 

    Angle walks past, stops and smirks at Ezekiel. He begins to walk away.

    Ezekiel: “You see, there are people like Kurt Angle who get scared when they stare a monster in the face, a monster like me who could easily pound his face into next week.” 

    Angle stops and turns around slowly. He gets up close to Ezekiel and grabs the mic from Todd. 

    Angle: “Zeke, I’m the ONLY Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. You mess with me, and the only thing you’ll see is the lights in the sky as the referee counts your shoulders to the mat! Don't believe me? Step into MY ring next week, and I’ll show you. Of course, that’s unless the monster is scared of the wrestling machine?” 

    Angle reaches out a hand. Jackson roughly shakes it, and Angle walks off. Jackson stares at the camera before storming away.

Main Event: Bryan Danielson vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring to a nice reaction from the crowd. There is a bit of stalling before Bryan Danielson’s music hits. He is greeted by the fans with a chorus of boos that do not seem to bother him one bit.

    He smartly takes his time to get in the ring to try and aggravate Ziggler. He finally enters the ring and stares down Ziggler. He unstraps his championship belt and shows it off to the crowd who rabidly boo him. 

    The bell rings, and they tie up. They jockey for position and Bryan leads with the go behind. Ziggler sticks his arm in between Bryan’s grip to loosen it and is successful. Ziggler with a good behind hits a big-time wrestling takedown. The fans erupt, and Ziggler holds Danielson tightly around the waist. He picks Danielson up again and hits another wrestling takedown.

    He continues to hold tight, and Danielson is now seated. He fights his way to his feet and drives Ziggler back into the turnbuckle numerous times until Ziggler lets go. Danielson turns quickly and hits a hard roundhouse kick to the chest of Ziggler as he comes off of the turnbuckle. 

    A welt instantly appears across the chest of Ziggler as both men stare each other down. Danielson walks around the ring with a cocky grin on his face, and Ziggler looks on with pure intensity. Danielson feints the tie-up and hits another hard kick to the chest of Ziggler.

    Danielson goes for another kick, but this time Ziggler catches his leg. Ziggler holds onto it and teases Danielson for a moment before spinning him around into a clothesline. Cover by Ziggler. One, two and Danielson kicks out. 

    Ziggler drags Danielson into the corner and stomps away at him for a few moments before picking him up. Danielson hits a hard chop, and Ziggler retaliates with what seemed to be an even harder chop. Ziggler locks Danielson in a double under hook and throws him overhead. Cover by Ziggler—one, two—Danielson kicks out again.

    Ziggler raises Bryan to his feet and drives his knee into his midsection. He Irish whips Danielson into the turnbuckle and goes to follow up with a splash, but Danielson moves out of the way and then rolls Ziggler up with a schoolboy. One, two and Ziggler kicks out. 

    Danielson smartly kicks Ziggler as he goes to get up to slow him down. Danielson pushes Ziggler against the ropes with hard chops. Danielson holds onto the top rope and unleashes a flurry of kicks into the chest of Ziggler.

    The referee finally separates Danielson, and Danielson smiles. He charges against the ropes and hits Ziggler with a front kick, sending him through the ropes and landing hard on his back on the outside. The fans are in awe. Danielson stands on the middle turnbuckle and shouts to the fans. 

    Ziggler slowly makes his way to his feet, and Danielson hits a beautiful suicide dive to the outside on Ziggler taking him out.

    He gets up and shouts to the fans in the front row, “I am just that good!”

    They respond with a chorus of boos. A "you suck" chant erupts in the arena. Danielson feeds off them and throws Ziggler back into the ring. Danielson makes the cover. One, two and Ziggler kicks out.

    Danielson wastes little time and turns Ziggler around and positions him for the surfboard. He teases the fans before locking it in. He holds onto it for a few moments before showboating and doing a few leg presses with Ziggler. He pushes Ziggler up and moves out of the way causing Ziggler to land on the mat hard. Danielson makes the cover. One, two and Ziggler kicks out again. 

    Danielson raises Ziggler to his feet and hits hard forearm shots to Ziggler. Ziggler tries to fight back but is quickly cut off by hard chops to the chest. Ziggler swings wildly and Danielson ducks under and locks Ziggler into a German suplex and snaps it back with a bridge. One, two and Ziggler barely kicks out.

    Danielson keeps his cool and measures up Ziggler. Shining Wizard by Danielson has Ziggler out! Cover by Danielson. One, two but Ziggler places his boot on the bottom rope just in time! 

    Danielson, frustrated, slaps the canvas hard. He shouts at the referee and spends so much time trying to intimidate him that Ziggler manages to get up. Ziggler goes behind Danielson and places one arm over his shoulder and one in between the legs of Daniels and hits his inverted suplex. Ziggler quickly hooks the leg. One, two, and Danielson kicks out. 

    Both men are slow to their feet and trade blows. Danielson tries for another kick, but Ziggler gets his arms up and blocks the kick. Snap powerslam by Ziggler and he covers. One, two but Danielson kicks out.

    Danielson uses the ropes to get to his feet as does Ziggler. Danielson has his back to Ziggler. Ziggler attempts a Zig-Zag, but Danielson holds the rope smartly. Danielson quickly capitalizes and locks in the Lebell Lock. He has it locked in tight, but Ziggler won’t stop fighting.

    The fans get behind Ziggler and after a few moments of the Lebell Lock being synched in tight, Ziggler makes it to the ropes. Danielson utilizes the five count and breaks at four. 

    Danielson, seething, walks over to the turnbuckle and proceeds to undo the turnbuckle pad. He takes it off, and the referee notices and tries to tie it back.

    By now Ziggler is up to his feet, and Danielson boots Ziggler downstairs very hard, dropping him. Danielson picks up Ziggler and connects with a fisherman’s suplex. He shouts at the ref, and the ref makes the count. One, two, three! 

    Winner: Bryan Danielson (Match Time—13:06) 

    As Tony Chimel announces Bryan as the winner, CM Punk now makes his way out onto the stage and applauds Bryan to close the show as Bryan holds his title to his chest.


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    Folks, let’s recap the results of the matches on this edition of SmackDown. 

    1. Divas Match: Kharma vs Death Rey (no contest)

    2. Singles Match: Curt Hawkins def. Evan Bourne via pinfall

    3. Singles Match: John Cena def. Big Show via submission

    4. Tag-Team Match: Christian & Zack Ryder def. Richie Steamboat & Heath Slater via pinfall

    5. Singles Match: Alberto del Rio def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall

    6. Singles Match: Bryan Danielson def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

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