Fantasy Wrestling Matchups—Week 1 "The In-Ring Debut"

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of the world, I am pleased to introduce the first ever Fantasy Wrestling Matchups.

Fantasy Wrestling Matchups is a weekly wrestling article that will pair up present day wrestling superstars, celebrities, and the Legends of Wrestling themselves in a fight contest. There will be four matches per week and I welcome any suggestions for matches which I will analyze to see if they are worthy for a spot in this article. 

Now without further to do: Today's matches include the FWM Tag Team Championship to be on the line and the FWM World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line to crown the first ever champions as well as two other great matches.

Match No. 1—"Y2J" Chris Jericho vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

The Beginning—Y2J starts off the match in a great pace which tires down Steamboat but The Dragon would not give up. The Dragon lashed out a fury of punches and gave Jericho a bodyslam.

Jericho eventually reversed one of Steamboat's moves which led to the match being a back and forth contest even with Steamboat nailing his signature crossbody Jericho continued to fight back until...

The Middle—Y2J landed the Codebreaker out of nowhere! Jericho went for a pin but Steamboat immediately put his arm up. Jericho continued to lay an offensive on Steamboat and eventually was able to give him a cut. This sparked a fire in Steamboat and he fought back against Jericho and gave the the seated double chicken wing which was to no avail.

The beginning of the end—Jericho looked like nothing was left in him after the offensive by Steamboat. Jericho had enough energy though to stand up and continue to fight. Steamboat did not care for Jericho's perseverence as he just smacked Jericho all over the place. Jericho was able to reverse a dropkick by Steamboat and was able to place the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat got to the ropes but Jericho continued the Walls up to a four count by the ref.

The End—Jericho brings Steamboat to his feet and gives him an irish whip. Steamboat dodges the clothesline and tries to nail the crossbody but Jericho nailed a dropkick to Steamboats body. Jericho hits the Lionsault on the down Steamboat and wins the match by pinfall.


Match No. 2—King Kong Bundy vs The Great Khali vs Andre the Giant vs the Big Show

The Beginning—This was a match between the most unmovable forces in wrestling. All contest immediately charged towards each other anmd caused mass chaos in the ring. Khali hit his signature chop on Andre but Andre just immediately follows up with a punch. It seemed that every shot that the contestants nailed was to no avail until...

The Middle—The ref was knocked out by Andre causing Bobby "The Brain" Heenan to bring in a steel chair. Andre used the steel chair on all of his opponents.

All fall to the ground except for the Big Show gives a big boot to Andre's face. Big Show picks up the chair and swings for all of his opponents. Everybody is pinned on the ground until Heenan throws his cane as the head of the Big Show.

Heenan runs for his life and giving enough time for Andre to get up and bodyslam Big Show onto the steel chair. The ref wakes up and bans Heenan from ringside. With no more distractions the opponents are at each other's throats until...

The Beginning of the End—Vader interferes in the match and knocks out all of the opponents. Bundy throws Vader out though just before he was hit with a steel chair. Khail nails the chop on Bundy knocking him out cold. Andre clotheslines Khali out of the ring. Big Show is about to nail the Knockout punch when Vader comes back in and hits Show with a steel chair.

The End—Vader goes onto the top rope and nails a Vader Splash. Andre gives Show the Belly to Belly Piledriver and gets the pin for the win.


Match No. 3—FWM Tag Team Championship Match between the Road Warriors and the Hardys (Pre-Heel Matt/gained weight Matt)

The Beginning—Matt and Hawk start it out. Matt starts out with many high flying maneuvers. Hawk ends up reversing a crossbody into a backbreaker. Hawk uses his strength to wear out Matt and then tags in Animal.

Animal leaves no room for error as he continues the assauly on Matt. Matt kicks Animal in the knee which gives him enough time to bring in Jeff. Jeff hits a flying clothesline and hits springboard splash. Animal stops Jeff in his tracks and gives him a bodyslam.

The Middle—Animal gives Jeff a scoop slam and gives gim a body splash. Hawk is tagged in but Jeff nails a dropkick. Hawk doesn't let Jeff get the tag and gives him a suplex. Jeff reverses an Irish whip and he immediately nails the Whisper in the Wind! Jeff tags in Matt who nails a Hardy leg drop.

The Beginning of the end—Matt gets Hawk on his feet and nails the Twist of Fate. Animal interfeers and throws Matt out of the ring but Jeff clotheslines Animal out of the ring as well. Hawk throws Jeff out of the ring and awaits Matt.

The End—Matt is thrown back into the ring and Hawk gives him a running powerslam. Hawk sets himslef up on the second rope and nails his signature flying clothesline on Matt. Hawk gets the pin and The Road Warriors become the first ever FWM Tag Champions.


The Main Event—FWM World Heavyweight Championship Match between The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena

The Beginning—Cena charges towards Hogan but Hogan gives Cena a hip toss. Hogan attacks The Rock and knocks him down. Hogan stays in control but Cena stops Hogan and takes control back.

The Rock doesn't let Cena have control for long a givs him the Rock Bottom. Hogan doesn't let The Rock breathe for air and nails a scoop slam. Hogan takes control back of the match but The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Hogan but Cena surprises the Rock with an FU (Throwback?).

Cena tries to attempt a pin but Hogan puts Cena in a sleeper hold. The Rock doesn't let the submission happen and kicks Hogan  in the face.

The Middle—The Rock takes control of the match for the first time but is short -lived as Cena nails a fury of punches which is stopped by Hogan's big boot. The Rock hits a running shoulder block on Hogan and stays in control. He gives Cena another Rock Bottom, but Hogan surprises the rock with a powerslam.

Hogan nails the Atomic Leg Drop but Cena gives an FU to Hogan. Cena attempts another pin, but the Rock stops him in time. The Rock gives a huge clothesline to Cena and gives the People's Elbow. Hogan gets up just in time to stop the Rock from getting the win. He throws Rock into the turnbuckle and hits the superplex where the Rock lands on Cena.

The Beginning of the End—Stone Cold interferes in the match and gives Hogan a stunner, stopping him from getting the wind. Cena gets up and also gets a stunner. The Rock gets up but reverses the stunner in a rock bottom. Rock goes for a pin on Hogan but Cena has enough energy left to stop him. Cena gives the Rock another FU delivered right on top of Stone Cold.

The End—Hogan gets up and suprises Cena with a big boot. Hogan goes for the Atomic Leg Drop and nails it! Hogan then throws Stone Cold out of the ring giving enough time for the Rock to nail another Rock Bottom and give Hogan the People's Elbow. The Rock gets the three count and wins the match and becomes the first ever FWM World Heavyweight Champion.


That ends the first week of FWM but come back next week to see what else we have in store for you.