Pixar and Sports Stars: Separated at Birth?

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Pixar and Sports Stars: Separated at Birth?

The mercury is creeping higher and higher.

Sizzling barbecues are scorching hot with glowing red charcoal.

Despite endless showers, you'll be finding rogue grains of sand in your hair for months.

We don't need June 21st to arrive to let us know.  Without a doubt, summer is here.

If you're not near the ocean's breaking waves, or firing up the grill isn't your thing, you can always seek refuge from summer's toasty temperatures in an ice-cold movie theater.  Don't listen to New Jersey's Oompa Loompa "Tanning Mom", suntans are overrated anyway.   

Summer films have become as much of a mid-year staple as the recorded music of ice cream trucks, exploding fireworks in the dusky sky, glowing fireflies fluttering about, and the smell of freshly-added chlorine in the swimming pool.  A summer without the soles of your flip-flops stuck to a dirty theater floor isn't really a summer at all.

With big dough to be made, every big player is in it to win it.  On an annual basis, the mouse is the big cheese at the box office though.  Walt Disney's subsidary, Pixar Animation Studios, delivers a critically acclaimed summer blockbuster that warms the heart, challenges the mind, tickles the funny bone and thins the wallet. 

Pixar's catalog of films have taken us to the depths of underwater adventure, soared into the fluffy clouds on a rainbow of colorful balloons and brought a trunk full of toys to life. 

For an hour and a half, adults can become children again, and children can have their wildest dreams played out on the giant screen before their wide eyes.  Your imagination is truly the limit.

The genius minds at Pixar Studios have come up with some truly remarkable and memorable characters in the past 17 years.  How do they come up with them though?  Genius writers?  Ivy League degrees?  Child-like whimsy gone wild?

Maybe it's just that they just watched a little too much ESPN...

"To infinity and beyond!"  Without any further ado, here is Pixar's previously undiscovered connection to the sporting world.

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