CM Punk Deserves to Hold WWE Championship for Extended Period of Time

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IIJune 1, 2012

CM Punk is currently on a six month reign as the WWE Champion, knocking off Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho (twice) and Daniel Bryan to continue his reign as the company's top champion. Not to mention, Punk also escaped the brutal elimination chamber in order to retain his illustrious championship.

Looking back at the quality of matches, each and every title defense has been a top-notch encounter featuring one of, if not THE, best wrestlers in the entire world. Punk has had the greatest year of his life and he is now getting the opportunity why he, in fact, calls himself the best wrestler in the world.

Unfortunately for Punk, holding the most prestigious prize in the WWE  hasn't helped him garner the attention he deserves. He still doesn't main event pay-per-views, or at least he hasn't main evented one in 2012 just yet, he's lucky to be put on Raw for more than five minutes at a time and the promos that made him so famous have been subjected to mocking John Laurinitis for a little bit and...

Well, that's about it.

Even though he hasn't been given the time and slots that the WWE Champion should hold, Punk is delivering at a high level, embarking on some of the best matches of his career.

At Royal Rumble we saw Punk defend the championship against Dolph Ziggler, who, despite being subjected to Laurinitis interaction and not as much time as their previous contests on Raw, put on a show for the crowd. Ultimately, Punk retained and moved on to Elimination Chamber.

Like Edge in 2011, Punk was one of the first participants to enter the chamber match for the WWE Championship, giving him slim odds of lasting the entire match to retain. Not only did he survive, he dominated much of the match and delivered a stellar performance in one of the most dangerous matches the WWE has to offer.

WrestleMania brought us the heavily hyped Punk vs. Chris Jericho contest.  After some stalling in order for Jericho to gained heat from the crowd by having him weasel his way into possibly getting Punk disqualified, the match started to pick up steam and, in the end, saw Punk wrestle an outstanding match featuring multiple close finishes before Jericho finally tapping out to the Anaconda Vice.

Extreme Rules was no different for Punk and Jericho in their Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship. The brutality, the psychology and the passion for each men in the match brought to light just how much fun it is to watch a match such as that one. Punk retained but not before being pushed to the limit by foe Jericho.

Over the Limit brought us, finally, the feud we've been waiting for in Punk and Daniel Bryan. Their match was a pure clinic of great wresting, something we rarely see in modern day WWE. Both Punk and Bryan dug deep into their toolbox for different maneuvers and submissions to electrify the match to new levels. not only was the entire match great, but the finish really made for a great story that will, hopefully, continue to amaze the crowd.

Considering Punk's entire body of work in these matches, as well as his great Raw encounters with Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, Punk deserves to hold on to the title even longer. Punk should also be able to challenge John Cena's year-long WWE Championship reign he had earlier in his career.

If WWE brass is smart, which, let's face it, is asking a lot for them to be these days, they would reward Punk for the amazing work that he has done this year. If he is going to lose the title, he needs to at least be right in the thick of the title hunt each and every PPV because he deserves that.

Lengthy title reigns are never really a favorite for creative because they feel it brings some boring, repetitive moments, but if one man can pull off, say, a year long title reign, it's CM Punk.

Give the man what he deserves, and also, what we as fans deserve. 

Keep putting him in matches that will utilize his wrestling skills, give him a continued lengthy title reign and allow him to do what he does best: wrestle.