Pittsburgh Penguins Finally Get It: Third Period Comeback Nets Big Overtime Win

Scott BarnerContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

Note to Penguins: Please report to the video room. You are instructed to watch the third period of last night's game and take extensive notes on how to play hockey for the rest of the season.

What the Penguins did in their remarkable comeback last night against the Tampa Bay Lightning was hockey at its best.

Everything finally came together and worked as it should. It took a wake-up call from the fans, coaches, and veteran players to finally ignite the spark.

Everything that has been wrong for the Pens was finally right.

Good goaltending, players finally crashing the net, excellent defense, finishing checks, drawing penalties, and most importantly putting the puck on the net, all were evident in the final minutes of the game.

They seem like such simple concepts. Concepts taught at the most junior level of hockey.

Still, the Penguins of late just could not grasp such basics.

Whether it be coaching, lack of communication, too many injuries, or any other excuse that we can come up with...ENOUGH!

What happened last night proves that the blame game only brings down attitude and contributes to poor play.

Working hard as a team and remembering and practicing the most basic skills of hockey will win games.

Especially putting the puck on net. As the saying goes, "good things happen when you put the puck on the net."

So I say to the Penguins:

Wake up. Quit the excuses. Take note of what was accomplished in a short period of time last night and remember the basics.  Play like your job is at stake and there is no tomorrow.

In short, play like Evgeni Malkin.

Got it?

I hope so!