The Search For The Next B/R Queen, Is It Burger Or Spaghetti?

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IFebruary 5, 2009

I'm at McDonald's standing in front of the counter confused, puzzled. I don't know what to order, two equally delicious snacks. Is it burger or is it spaghetti? In the end I ordered both.

I'm not a big football fan, nonetheless I am a fan of Lisa Horne. Consider me as an admirer of good writing.

Lisa showed us that sports journalism is not at all a 'Masculine World.' She was a cut above the rest, in spite of it, she remained humble amongst the humblest. She never bragged about her No. 1 status, a rare class act.

We are all created equal - only Lisa Horne is more equal than the rest.

Much has been said of Lisa's inevitable departure. She's going to leave us, (well everyone has to.. believe me) but her legacy will always remain.

So much of the "Goodbye Lisa" tribute. After all, B/R had her for seven months, what's not to love?

Nevertheless, someone has to step up and carry the torch and continue what she has done for the women of B/R. I can only think of two names who could be heiress of the crown.

First is Ms. Dorothy Willis, her wisdom is as anyone's abuela. The community leader of the MMA, the wise old woman of B/R (if you'll allow me), a great person to look up to maybe three and a half times my age. Her experience is priceless. She's probably been living since World War II - perhaps older than the NBA. One of the elites.

On the other hand, there's Ms. Saraswathi Sirigina. She's probably old, too (Sorry Sara) I don't know, I think she's old because of her knowledge.

The community leader of Formula 1. She is one of the brilliant minds behind the foxes in the henhouse page, a great encourager, a fantastic debater, (a person I don't want to have a debate with) and a master of philosophy.

Two "B/R supertars" so to speak, both have their own right to carry the mantle of leadership in the women's section.

For Saraswathi, she is the second woman behind Lisa in the writer rankings. Don't need much thinking - just simple arithmetic. The No. 1 bids farewell - in the process, the No. 2 becomes No. 1.

Still you can't discredit Dorothy.

For Dorothy , she's one of the best, if not the best community leader in B/R. What she had done to the MMA community is remarkable. She would be a great leader for the women of B/R.

Final verdict,

I leave it to you, my say is..

"Both writers have different styles in different genres, anyone could be named B/R queen.

On the contrary that I choose both the burger and the spaghetti, this time I won't choose any. I'm afraid I might be subjective and bias thus both of these ladies together with Lisa Horne and all the other 90,000 other B/R creatures, (have I met them or not) had inspired me, make my day or put a smile across my face in some way or another."

Still, there's only one Lisa Horne.

In times of farewells and goodbyes I leave you with one final message, the three biggest words I have learned about life: "It goes on."