Are The Mets Done This Offseason?

Wendy AdairAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2009

With Spring Training right around the corner, we as fans need to be confident with whom the Mets are putting on the field every day. As fans we have watched two consecutive September collapses and a fresh start is needed at CitiField. It's time to exorcise the demons of Shea Stadium and create a destiny of greatness so the Mets can attempt to catch up to the Yankees in a tradition of excellence.

Omar Minaya has made significant efforts in securing bullpen arms and signing Ollie Perez last week was also a tremendous accomplishment, especially with Derek Lowe signing elsewhere and now it turns out that Ben Sheets will most likely require elbow surgery.  John Maine will need to prove that his shoulder has healed before fans can be confident in his reliability. Mike Pelfrey is an arm blow-out potential waiting to happen, due to the excess of innings pitched last year, but he and Santana were the only pitchers who reliably pitched past the sixth inning.

I do not believe the Mets will sign Manny Ramirez. If it were going to happen, I think it would have happened by now, but you never know, stranger things have happened. An everyday left fielder is not necessarily required now but if the platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis does not work out, it could be a very long season.

Angel Pagan is an option, but we only saw him for about six weeks last season so its hard to tell what his contributions will be until it is proven that he is healthy.  The same applies to Ryan Church. He had a very tough time with concussions last year but shows amazing potential.

We should find a second baseman quickly unless Luis Castillo shows that he is prepared to play second base every day. Orlando Hudson should be considered if we can unload Castillo's salary. The acquisition of Alex Cora should be a help to the second base and shortstop position, but a player to back up David Wright at third along with another right-handed bat in the lineup would substantially help everyone on the team.

Pedro Feliciano and Duaner Sanchez have to prove themselves to be quality relief pitchers who can set up for J.J. Putz and K-Rod.  The starting rotation needs to be able to pitch later into the game. If a bullpen is worn out by the eighth inning because the starting pitcher could not make it past the fifth inning, everyone will be burned out.

Time is running out, Mr. Minaya. What else do you have planned?