A New York Giants Fan's Inspirational Advice

Andrew OContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

This is a comment I found from a New York Giants fan. Let me just tell you they are intelligent.
"He just said if a team is interested in him than he's interested in the team. So I geuss that means all the teams that are interested in getting a good WR aka the Giants among others. I would be surprised if the Giants let him go to the Eagles, but then again there's a lot of talk about Cincy paying his checks for a while and trying to get rid of chad johnson.
"But who knows, The Phillies have always found a way to out perform their talent level and get a lot out of a little especially on the offense (donovan has made a career without good widereceivers except T.O and Westbrook hasn't had a change of pace back in a while).
"I don't think the Phillies were the best team in their division, but if they got Housh it could put them on the sanme tier as the Giants (and maybe the cowboys if Romo learns how to lead a team/ as of right now the eagles are a better team even though the cowboys have the most talent in the division).
"The one year the Eagles had a wide receiver they went to the superbowl and with their O-line being better than it was than and a second option ala Desean Jackson they would be a force to be reckoned with as well as keeping him away from the Giants.
"PS. Any one think Dawkins is actually coming back and if so how much does he have left in the tank? Is he gonna be like the patriots SS Harrison who's been one dimensional only being a playmaker in run support but getting burned in pass coverage. "
Really? The Phillies are in the Giants division? Good thing the Eagles always pull through in November to beat the Mets. And OMG, if the Phillies had TJ Houseyoumama, wow he would like hit a hundred touchdowns. And on a more serious note, the Patriots play more of a nickel 3-3-5 with Harrison in there, making him the fourth linebacker.