Pedro Gomez Pressures Feds to Release Bonds Evidence (Satire)

Aren DowCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Much hoopla has surrounded the recent release of evidence in the case against Barry Bonds.

The recorded conversation between Greg Anderson and Bonds' former business partner Steve Hoskins and the failed 2003 drug test has resurfaced Bonds into the national spotlight once again.

It has also put the camera back on Pedro Gomez.

When the ESPN analyst came under question about perhaps playing a role in the case, Gomez broke down.

"Look, there's really been nothing for me to report since 2007," said Gomez. "I had to do something to get this story back in the headlines."

Gomez has been reportedly pressuring the prosecution to speed up the process, and for the judge to allow the previously withheld documents to be released.

Denying claims he hates Bonds, Gomez defended the left fielder.

"Hate Bonds? There isn't someone I like more. Yeah, I'll admit the reason I cover Bonds is because I lost a bet with Buster Olney, but I've come to love [Bonds].

"He's just misunderstood. I think if we can keep this case going for another seven to eight years, I can properly cover him and show the world the Bonds is not the guy everyone makes him out to be," said Gomez.

Bonds pleaded not guilty to charges Thursday about lying to a grand jury about use of steroids. More complications have arose on whether evidence will be deemed to have value to the case.

"Thank God. I mean, I just hope this can be properly settled. Things like this need time, and we should allow it to run its course," said Gomez.

The defense looks to exclude several of Bonds' blood and urine tests, starting March 2.