WWE Storyline of the Week: Dolph Ziggler Walking out on Jack Swagger Post-Match

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMay 29, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw was yet another lackluster effort by the WWE, a show that had only a couple of bright spots outside of CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. 

Even that great match suffered because of Kane’s continued involvement in the feud, which I find to be completely unnecessary. 

So, given the lack of excitement on this show, it wasn't very difficult for me to decide what my favorite storyline of the week would be: The start of the breakup between Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. 

Ziggler and Swagger have been united together under the services of Vickie Guerrero for the better part of a year now, and though there were obvious bright spots for each guy during that time, I don’t think that Vickie’s stable ever accomplished what it had initially set out to do. 

If anything, Swagger stayed exactly where he was on the card beforehand, while Ziggler’s stock plummeted to its lowest point in recent memory. 

It became clear that instead of furthering Ziggler’s career, Vickie was holding him back, and it was time for Ziggler to move forward on his own as a singles competitor. 

Thankfully, it looks like the creative team finally started the process of that much-needed Swagger/Ziggler/Vickie split on last night’s Raw. 

Following yet another tag team title loss, Ziggler walked out on Swagger and Vickie, saying, “I’m Dolph Ziggler! I’m better than this!” 

For the first time since very early on in their partnership, Ziggler showed frustration with Swagger, which is something we’ve all been expecting to see for quite some time now. 

Especially recently, Ziggler and Swagger have developed into glorified jobbers, and the WWE’s plan backfired—Ziggler and Swagger regressed rather than progressed under Vickie’s guidance. 

While this little stable hasn’t been all bad, the creative team's up-and-down booking really hurt any chance that they ever had of being overly successful, and now, the WWE appears to be pulling the plug on what was definitely a failed experiment. 

Swagger and Ziggler are two of the WWE’s best young wrestlers, but just because they’re both good at what they do doesn’t mean they’re going to be good together. 

I think that creative screwed the pooch here, because given how talented this duo was, both guys could have reached the main event. Instead, it looks like they’ll be going their separate ways as singles competitors.

That may not work in the long run, either, but Ziggler needed to be freed from the grasp of Vickie and is as talented a wrestler as there is in the WWE. 

He should be a star relatively soon, and the only way that was ever really going to happen was to get him away from Vickie and Swagger.


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