Chicago Bulls On An Impressive Run

Aren DowCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Jerry Reinsdorf may have over-reacted a bit when calling this year's Bulls a "disaster." Sure, they haven't lived up to expectations these past two years, but there is hope.

Now only one game out of the eighth spot in the playoffs, a berth would seem to at least salvage this season.

Who knows if Reinsdorf's little outburst has fueled the Bulls, but either way, Chicago has won four of their last five.

Wait, who cares if they've beaten the Kings, Clippers, and the CP3-less Hornets? Those are teams they should be beating.

Why should we care? Because they are doing it on the road.

The same Bulls team that seemed to forget how to play outside of the United Center now has a chance to ride a wave of momentum returning to it. The same team that compiled an astounding 4-17 road record is now taking it to teams on their court.

In fact, the Bulls had won exactly one road game since November before they took down Clippers last Wednesday.

I feel like shouting, "Anything is possible!".

So, who has sparked this turnaround? Obvious answers point to Derrick Rose and his three 20-plus-point games. However, Rose's numbers have been right on par with the rest of his rookie season—nothing much has changed over the stretch.

It has been Tyrus Thomas that has elevated his game so much during this road stretch. Who better to feed off of Reinsdorf's comments than the emotional and electrifying Thomas?

Thomas has improved in nearly every facet of his game—most noticeably his rebounding. Averaging under six boards per game this season, Thomas has four games in the last five with at least 10 rebounds.

His point per game total has risen nearly five points as well, giving him four double-doubles on the current road trek. Thomas could have had a fifth if he snagged just one more rebound in Minnesota. His blocking 2.2 shots a game has been entertaining as well.

Joakim Noah has given Chicago a noticeable boost as well. Doubling his point total, Noah is shooting 67 percent over the last six games.

This inside presence is something the Bulls desperately needed with Drew Gooden out due to a groin injury. When Gooden missed nine games earlier this year, the Bulls struggled, going 2-9.

As the Bulls finish off the road trip in Dallas on Saturday, they have a chance to make up ground for the playoffs. They host Detroit and Miami at the United Center, then get the chance to take the current eighth-seeded Bucks in Milwaukee.

So, hold your tongue, Reinsdorf.

With two months left, there is still plenty of time to resurrect this "disaster" of a season.